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DIY Marble Dipped Stemware for Your Next Party

DIY Marble Dipped Stemware for Your Next Party

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Impress your guests with this simple and glamorous tutorial

Try this fun DIY project for your next soiree!

We’ve been loving the marbled nail polish trend so much that we decided to try it out on our stemware! This marble-dipping technique is super quick and fun, and the spray paint won’t flake off (just remember to hand-wash these glasses once they’re dipped). Parties offer a time to celebrate and dress up, so why not dress up your bar as well with this DIY?


  • Champagne flutes (such as these from BevMo)
  • Large plastic bin
  • Water
  • Spray paint in black, white, and gold
  • Latex gloves
  • Wood skewer
  • Drop cloth

Step 1: Fill plastic bin with three to four inches of water, then start spraying the surface of the water with one of your paint colors.

Step 2: Spray circles in the center of each layer of paint, rotating colors.

Step 3: Use a wood skewer to swirl the paint and create your desired marbled design.

Step 4: Holding the top of a clean, dry Champagne flute, dip the stem into your bin.

Step 5: Submerge the bottom of the glass (making sure not to hit the bottom of the bin), then pull it out quickly. Hold the glass over the bin for a minute to let any excess water drip off.

Step 6: Let stemware dry upside-down overnight.

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