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13 Foods That Last Forever (Slideshow)

13 Foods That Last Forever (Slideshow)

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These pantry staples can last for years

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Honey molecules are what’s called hygroscopic, which means that they absorb water extremely well. Archaeologists have actually discovered honey in Egyptian tombs that was still edible! If stored away from humidity in a sealed container, it’ll last pretty much forever.


iStockPhoto/ Thinkstock

Honey molecules are what’s called hygroscopic, which means that they absorb water extremely well. Archaeologists have actually discovered honey in Egyptian tombs that was still edible! If stored away from humidity in a sealed container, it’ll last pretty much forever.

Salt and Sugar

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Salt is a mineral and sugar are crystals, and neither go bad. They might clump up if exposed to moisture, but if properly stored they never spoil.


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When stored in a sealed, airtight container, raw white rice can last up to 30 years.

Dried Beans

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If kept in an airtight, dark container, dried beans will last forever. Old beans might not taste so great and will need extra soaking time before cooking, but they’ll certainly be edible.

Corn Starch

Keep corn starch tightly sealed in a cool, dry place and it’ll last forever.

Corn Syrup

Like honey and corn starch, corn syrup will also last indefinitely as long as it’s sealed.

Peanut Butter

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No need to refrigerate peanut butter; the oils in it keep water at bay.

Maple Syrup

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As long as you keep it sealed, maple syrup, like honey, will never go bad.

Cup Noodles

Cup Noodles containers are airtight and the noodles are bone-dry, a winning combination for food immortality.

Powdered Milk

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As long as it’s kept in a cool, dry place, powdered milk will last indefinitely.


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These rock-hard crackers were a major food for soldiers during the Civil War, and never went bad because they’re basically moisture-free. They were flavor-free too, but at least they keep you from starving!

Dried Corn

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Dried corn is completely moisture-free, so it’ll stay good for years as long as it’s kept in a dry place.

Canned Foods

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Canning food is one of the major methods pf preservation, and it’s true that once something is canned, it’ll be a very, very long time before it goes bad. Up to 30 years in most cases!

15 Foods That Last Forever

When you are on your food storage journey you may want to add these 15 foods to your stash that last forever. There is something about having some foods in your pantry that you never have to worry about going bad. We spend our hard earned money to stock our home with food we can eat in the future, right?

I remember when Mark and I first started our food storage project many years ago. One of the biggest mistakes was storing beans, sugar, and powdered milk in 50-pound barrels. Yes, large green barrels not buckets. We had a large “fruit room” in the basement where it was cool and dry. That was the good part, the bad part was the large barrels. They were too large to maneuver.

We eventually converted to five-gallon buckets with those lids you couldn’t remove unless you had a “tool” to lift them off. Then came Gamma Lids, thank goodness for those airtight and easy to open lids. They were a life changer for me. I color code my entire food and fuel storage with those colored lids.

Dried beans can last almost indefinitely if stored properly. That said, gradual moisture loss will eventually affect the taste and texture. Old beans will need longer soaking and cooking times (try adding salt toward the end of the recipe to avoid toughening up the skin). Use a pressure cooker to quickly cook those old beans (it works!). Pinto beans are packed with about 250 calories per cup boiled (almost 700 raw).

‘Wheat Berries’ if stored properly will last forever – many decades (or longer!). A flour mill will be needed to grind the wheat into flour (the best way for delicious fresh bread!). There are more than 600 calories in one cup of raw wheat berries.

Survival foods that last forever ( Top 28 )

As a prepper, you are probably looking the extend the shelf life of your food pantry, and the best way to do this is by adding survival foods that last forever. Although we have very efficient freezers today which can keep food items edible for decades, but their main problem is that they do need electricity to work. In a major SHTF situation, odds are that the power grid will be down for several days if not longer, and if all your food is in the freezer than, you will have a massive problem.

Keeping food fresh and edible for longer periods of time was a massive challenge only a couple of decades ago, and people have come up with some creative ways on how they can preserve food for the long term. People used to smoke, salt, and pickled vegetables, fruits, and meat, this way they increased the shelf life of their food. On the other hand, there are a couple of food items that will last forever without the need for any food preservation technique.

If you do not have time to stockpile food then you should get a ready-made emergency food supply, my personal recommendation is to get one that has a 25 years shelf life and contains 124 servings Click here to check it out on Amazon

In a long term survival situation, you will be limited by how much food you have and by how long the shelf life of your food is. The most important factor in how long the shelf life of your food will be is how you actually store them. Even survival foods that last forever will sooner or later go bad if you do not store them correctly. Food tends to be fairly sensitive to temperature fluctuations, as in some cases it might cause bacteria to quickly multiply and destroy your food stocks.

Although there are a lot of survival foods that last virtually forever, they will start losing their taste and some of their nutrition as time passes by. Some of these food items which last forever will also change their texture, like honey for example, which after a couple of decades will crystalize. If you want to know what foods can be stored for 25 years then check out my recent article Food that last for 25 years ( Top 37 ).

1. Honey can last forever

Honey has been found in ancient tombs and it was still considered edible. Honey will never spoil, in the worst-case scenario you might find some mold on it if you store it in a humid environment, but you can easily scoop off the mold. The main reason why honey lasts forever is that it contains a lot of sugar, this sugar will actually kill most bacteria and parasites. Although honey does tend to last forever but after several decades it will start to crystalize, this is a normal process and it is still edible. If you want to know what foods last a long time in the fridge then check out my recent article Foods that last a long time in the fridge ( Top 14 ).

2. Apple cider vinegar can last forever

Apple cider vinegar can be found in most supermarkets and they are relatively cheap. Apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits and storing it is extremely easy, as long as you keep it at a fairly cool temperature with the bottle properly closed it will last you forever. In addition to this apple cider vinegar can have a lot of additional uses like cleaning, disinfecting, and even preserving food.

3. Bouillon Cubes can last forever

Although not an actual food item but a condiment, bouillon cubes will last virtually forever. The main reason why these will not spoil is that they have a lot of salt in them, and this excess salt will stop any bacterial or fungal growth from happening. Bouillon cubes have an unlimited shelf life as long as you store them correctly, ideally, you should store them in a cool and dry environment. If you store them in a humid environment then sooner or later they will go bad.

4. Alcohol can last forever

Alcohol will last forever as long as you store it correctly, the good news is that alcohol is not that sensitive to temperature fluctuations, and even if the temperatures are well below freezing it will still not freeze. The one thing you have to keep in mind when storing alcohol for longer periods of time is to make sure that the cap is screwed in tightly, as alcohol tends to evaporate extremely fast.

5. Salt can last forever

The human body needs salt in order for the organs to function correctly. Salt has an unlimited shelf life, it is not sensitive to temperature fluctuations. After a while salt will start clumping up if it is stored in a humid environment, although you can easily break these clumps and the salt will still be edible. In addition to being a vital mineral to the human body, salt can be used in a lot of ways like preserving food, cleaning, and even healing some wounds.

6. Instant Coffee can last forever

What would people do in an apocalypse without coffee, although there are a lot of different types of coffee but generally speaking instant coffee tends to last forever. Some people will store their instant coffee in the freezer, although generally speaking this is not necessary.

7. Soy sauce can last forever

Soy sauce will also last forever, as long as you do not open the bottle. If you opened up the bottle then its shelf life goes down significantly. The main reason why soy sauce will last forever is that it contains a lot of salt. Soy sauce tends to be fairly sensitive to temperature fluctuations, so make sure to keep them in a cool and dry environment far away from direct sunlight.

8. Uncooked rice can last forever

Uncooked rice if stored correctly can have an unlimited shelf life, the problem is that you can not store them in their original packaging and expect to have an unlimited shelf life. In most packaged foods there will be small amounts of bacteria, bugs, and eggs, and once these eggs get a suitable temperature and some humidity they will hatch and destroy your food. This is the same case for rice flour as well, so make sure to store them in a cool and dry environment. If you have weevils in your flour then check out my recent article Weevils in flour safe to eat? ( 3 Step Removal ).

9. Cornstarch can last forever

Cornstarch will last forever as long as you store it correctly. Cornstarch tends to be fairly sensitive to high humidity, and if you store them in a humid environment then clumps will form in the corn starch, in addition to this a lot of bugs tend to love cornstarch so make sure that you store them in a plastic container and add a couple of oxygen absorbers as well.

10. Corn syrup can last forever

Corn syrup is made from cornstarch and it has an unlimited shelf life. Corn syrup is not that sensitive to temperature fluctuations, but you should keep it out of direct sunlight as sooner or later it will go bad this way. You can use the corn syrup from time to time just make sure to keep the screw cap on tightly.

11. Dried corn can last forever

Dried corn can be stored fairly easily and as long as you keep it in a dry environment it will last you forever. If you are planning to stockpile corn make sure that you get corn that is suitable for human consumption as a lot of corn is grown for animal feed. Store the dried corn in plastic bags or containers and make sure not to add any kind of moisture to it by accident.

12. Baking soda can last forever

Baking soda has a lot of uses not just for cooking but for cleaning as well. I oftentimes use baking soda with vinegar to unclog my sink drain, and it does the job a lot better than a product designed for the same purpose. Baking soda tends to react with certain products like vinegar and alcohol, so make sure that you store them in a separate plastic container, as even the fumes of alcohol and the vinegar can kickstart the chemical reaction.

13. Pure vanilla extract can last forever

There are a lot of different types of vanilla extracts which you can find at your local supermarket, the problem is that most of them do not actually contain vanilla, but chemicals that mimic the taste of vanilla. Pure vanilla extract, on the other hand, has an unlimited shelf life and you should store it in a zip lock bag, or plastic container in a dry and cool environment.

14. Pemmican can last forever

Back in the day before refrigerators were a thing a lot of people were eating pemmican especially during the wintertime as these have a long shelf life. Pemmican is made of meat and fat, and as long as you store them correctly they can have an unlimited shelf life. Generally speaking, you should store it in a cool and dry environment, as it tends to be sensitive to high humidity. If you store it in a humid environment then sooner or later mold will start forming on the top of the pemmican. Eating pigeons in a survival situation might save your life, but eating city pigeons comes with a lot of risks, for more information check out my recent article Can you eat city pigeons? ( Pigeon Eggs? ).

15. Ghee can last forever

Although Ghee is not that popular in the US but in India, it has been used for a long time. Ghee is a type of butter, and the main difference between normal butter and Ghee is that Ghee is boiled for so long that all the moisture is evaporated. The main reason why butter tends to go bad is due to the moisture content, and as Ghee doesn’t have almost any moisture it will last forever as long as you store it correctly. Ghee tends to be fairly sensitive to high temperatures as it can melt under certain circumstances and this will lower its shelf life.

16. Raw cacao powder can last forever

Raw cacao powder will last forever as long as you do not cross-contaminate it with other food items and if you do not add humidity to it. There a lot of cocoa mixes on the market, and most of them have a limited shelf life as they do contain dairy products, but raw cacao powder only contains the powder from the cacao which will never spoil if you store it correctly.

17. Maple syrup can last forever

Maple syrup is very similar to honey when it comes to its shelf life, both of them will be good to eat forever. Just like in the case of honey, maple syrup as well will crystallize at some point, this is a natural process and it can be slowed down by keeping the maple syrup in a cool place. Although even after the maple syrup has crystallized it is still edible, and the crystallization process doesn’t affect its shelf life.

18. Powdered milk can last forever

Powdered milk will last forever although it is quite sensitive to humidity, so if you live in a humid environment make sure to store it in plastic containers. Once you open up the powdered milk container it will spoil in a matter of months as it comes into contact with oxygen. In this case, you can use oxygen absorbers just make sure not to accidentally eat the oxygen absorbers.

19. Dried lentils can last forever

Dried lentils will last forever if stored correctly, how humid the environment is will actually determine its shelf life. In humid environments, the dried lentils will go bad sooner or later. If you want to store dried lentils for long periods of time then you have to use airtight plastic containers.

20. Hardtack can last forever

Although not the most delicious survival food, hardtack tends to have an extremely long shelf life. Just keep in mind that hardtack is fairly dry and you will need to combine it with water or other foods to make it edible. Hardtack has to be stored in a dry environment as the humidity found in the air will spoil it after a while.

21. Sugar can last forever

There are a lot of different types of sugar which you can find at your supermarket and all of them have unlimited shelf lives. Sugar will start forming small clumps after a while and it will eventually turn into a massive block of sugar. The main reason for this is the humidity, the higher the humidity is the faster this process will happen. The good news is that this process doesn’t alter the shelf life of sugar at all.

22. Dried beans can last forever

Generally speaking, dried beans are considered to last for a couple of decades, but dried beans have been found in ancient tombs after several centuries and they were still edible. You have to protect the dried beans from moisture, and from oxygen as well, so keep them in an airtight plastic container and use a couple of oxygen absorbers as well. If the humidity is fairly high and you do not store your beans correctly then they will start to germinate sooner or later.

23. Distilled white vinegar can last forever

Distilled white vinegar will last forever if you do not constantly open the bottle. The problem with white vinegar is that it tends to evaporate rather quickly, in addition to this its shelf life will be shorter if you store it in a hot environment.

24. Pasta can last forever

As long as you store pasta correctly it will last forever, pasta is not that sensitive to temperature fluctuations although moisture can significantly reduce its shelf life. Make sure to keep your pasta in airtight plastic containers, this way you protect it from the moisture found in the air.

25. Potato flakes can last forever

Potato flakes will last for a very long time, although once you open up the packaging ist shelf life drops significantly. Potato flakes will have a lower shelf life if they get exposed to humidity and to constant temperature fluctuations. Some bugs love potatoes flakes so make sure that you check the containers from time to time. By far one of the best places to get potato flakes is from a Mormon cannery, for more information check out my recent article Mormon cannery ( Top 10 Things To Know ).

26. Ramen noodles can last forever

Ramen noodles are very popular nowadays, and if you like the taste of them then you should stockpile them as they tend to have a long shelf life. Just keep in mind that ramen noodles that come with some kind of added sauce will have a lower shelf life.

27. Rolled oats can last forever

Rolled oats are an excellent survival food, they are nutritious, satiating, and have a long shelf life. Generally speaking, the shelf life of oats is around 12-18 months, but this is if you do not store them correctly. Make sure that you place them in an airtight container with oxygen and with a moisture absorber, this way you extend their shelf life.

28. Herbal tea can last forever

Herbal tea can be stored indefinitely, all you need is an airtight container. Not all teas will have an unlimited shelf life, teas that are pre-packaged in tea bags will expire in a couple of years, but herbal tea will not expire if you store them correctly.

In conclusion

As you can see there are a lot of survival foods that last forever, however, their actual shelf life will mostly depend on how and where you store them. The biggest factors which reduce the shelf life of most foods are humidity, exposure to direct sunlight, and oxygen. In addition to this, you have to check your food stockpiles from time to time as bugs and rodents can ruin your food stockpile.

About Arthur Hays

My name is Arthur Hays, I have spent most of my childhood in Alaska, often hiking and fishing with my grandfather. During that time I have learned how to live off the land and how to prepare for the worst. I have been a prepper my entire life, without even knowing that there is a huge community of preppers, for me prepping was a way of life. I always wanted to share my knowledge and help out people, and now that I am retired I can do that with my website Prepping Planet.


Pasta in a Bucket

As it comes from the store, pasta will keep on the shelf for about a year. That’s mostly because it’s not all that attractive to bugs and bacteria. But left that way, it will supposedly go bad, eventually. To keep it for the amount of time we’re talking about, something more needs to be done with it, like putting it in an aluminized Mylar bag, with the air sucked out of it, inside a five-gallon plastic bucket. Stored like that, pasta may just last till sometime in the next century.

You can actually buy pasta already packaged this way, as “survival food” or you can do it yourself. If you want a variety in your pasta’s shapes (And who doesn’t?) then you’re probably better off packaging your own.

If you’ve done any food preserving, such as canning or drying food, you’ve run across salt as one of nature’s preservatives. It draws moisture out of food, through osmosis. This kills bacteria, which need a moist environment to survive. So, you can imagine what a pure salt environment would do to those bacteria. The only thing you really have to protect salt from is moisture. Back to the buckets again.

13 Foods That (Basically) Never Spoil

Because it’s never a good time to unnecessarily toss pantry staples.

Expiration dates are one of the most problematic parts of the growing issue our nation faces with food waste. Safety always comes first, but it&aposs important to acknowledge that America voluntarily throws away over a third of its food every year. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that adds up to over $160 billion wasted annually.

How do expiration dates play into this, you ask? Because date labels like Sell-By or Use-By are not federally regulated, and should therefore always be taken with a grain of salt. "Confusion over the meaning of dates applied to food products can result in consumers discarding wholesome food," says the USDA&aposs Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) on its website. "In an effort to reduce food waste, it is important that consumers understand that the dates applied to food are for quality and not for safety. Food products are safe to consume past the date on the label, and regardless of the date, consumers should evaluate the quality of the food product prior to its consumption." The exception is for infant formula and some baby food, which do have mandated expiration dates for safety purposes.

As a brief primer, read over the list of the main types of expiration dates and their real meanings below, according to the FSIS.

  • A "Best if Used By/Before" date indicates when a product will be of best flavor or quality. It is not a purchase or safety date.
  • A "Sell-By" date tells the store how long to display the product for sale for inventory management. It is not a safety date.
  • A “Use-By" date is the last date recommended for the use of the product while at peak quality. It is not a safety date, except for when used on infant formula as described below.
  • 𠇏reeze-By”ꃚte indicates when a product should be frozen to maintain peak quality. It is not a purchase or safety date.

What is key to knowing whether a food or beverage is safe to eat is to inspect for signs of spoilage. Your nose knows: "Spoiled foods will develop an off odor, flavor, or texture due to naturally occurring spoilage bacteria. If a food has developed such spoilage characteristics, it should not be eaten," states the FSIS.

Oh, Alcohol. You have played us for a fool many times. And it looks like we’ll be keeping you around, long into hard times too!

Alcohol, particularly batches of hard liquor (with higher fermentation and alcohol-to-water ratio), can keep very well for over twenty-five years, easily. Again, just like with wine (which is listed below), be sure and not store it in places with toxic fumes. All fermented products have a high capacity to soak up their environment over time.

You can consume honey past its expiration date.

Honey is known to be one of the only foods that can last forever. This is largely due to the fact that it is made up of sugar, which makes it hard for bacteria or microorganisms to affect the honey.

"Honey in its natural form is very low moisture," Amina Harris, executive director of the Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute at Univeristy of California, Davis, told Smithsonian Magazine. "Very few bacteria or microorganisms can survive in an environment like that, they just die."

The modern expiration date of honey usually refers to when it will start crystallizing, which is a regular process of honey that doesn't make it inedible. You can make the crystals return to their former state by heating up the honey.

Instant coffee has a long shelf life, but I hate instant coffee and if the zombies are upon us, then I’m going to need a good stiff cup of joe in the morning.

Turns out the best way to store coffee for the long haul is green coffee beans. Stored in Mylar with oxygen absorbers it should last 20 years, you will need to secure a way to roast and grind them in order to get that cup of wake up juice.

15 Foods That Last Forever

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Although there are many foods that will last for decades when stored properly (wheat, beans, pasta, etc.), there are some foods that last forever without canning, freezing or dehydrating. If you’re new to food storage, these staples are a great way to start.

They’re the longest lasting foods in the world and are often referred to as “forever foods.” Technically, most of them are ingredients, but you can use them to make some great meals if you know how.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This kitchen staple has many health benefits and will last indefinitely as long as you keep it sealed.

2. Bouillon Cubes

As long as you keep these dry, they should remain stable indefinitely. With these, you can make some delicious soup with just a few other ingredients, so get plenty of them.

3. Corn Starch

As long as it’s kept dry, corn starch can last indefinitely, so stock up. It’s not only great for cooking, but can also be used for other things like removing oil from the face and hair, soothing sunburns, and diaper rashes.

4. Corn Syrup

The most common substitute for sugar in America. You can use it for brownies, cookies or candy.

5. Ghee

This kind of butter is boiled until all the moisture is gone, which is why it never goes bad. As long as you seal it and keep it in a cool, dry location (as with every item in this list) it can last hundreds of years. Here’s some more information.

8. Honey

Archaeologists discovered ancient honey in the Egyptian pyramids and it was still edible! It crystallizes over time, but all you have to do is warm it up and stir it to get it back to the right consistency.

9. Maple Syrup

Like corn syrup and honey, this stuff lasts a long time because of the high sugar content. And what good are pancakes without maple syrup?

10. Salt

This stuff lasts forever, whether it’s sea salt or ordinary table salt. It’s also very useful. Just make sure it’s not seasoned salt, which is only good for a year.

11. Soy Sauce

As long as it’s never opened, soy sauce also lasts indefinitely. This is mainly due to the high sodium content.

12. Sugar

Brown, white and powdered sugar all lasts forever. The problem with sugar is it hardens over time, but you can break up the chunks by warming it up and stirring it, just like with honey.

13. Vanilla Extract

Like a fine wine, pure vanilla extract actually improves with time because it’s a form of liqueur. It’s more expensive than imitation vanilla but well worth it.

Of course, no one really needs food to last forever. Rather, it’s good enough if your food lasts several decades, which makes the list a little longer. Check out these 27 foods that last for decades.

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Another item not on the list that should be is Vaseline. Vaseline comes in handy for multiple uses.

I think they didn’t added Vaseline because they list only food items

you can make your own dry foods, in a dehydrator. vacuum seal, date it and then freeze it. Novel Idea! cheaper too. drying your food last longer and still keeps your flavor.

Where do you get your ghee? I’ve been to many Indian markets, and all the ghee I’ve ever tried left a slightly rancid taste in my mouth and I tossed it.

I make ghee at home. Put a pound of butter in a deep pot. Heat it until it comes to a boil. Keep the heat on and it will go down and boil again. After it boils the 2nd time, remove from heat let cool and strain thru cheesecloth into a container. Much cheaper than buying in a store. It tastes great too.

Make sure it`s real butter not margarine. I have known young people that did not know the difference.

Natural Grocers has gee and its yummy

I am a prepper in training. I focus on seeds and whole grains that can be sprouted, short term stored in vacuum sealed Food Saver bags. Long term vacuum sealed in quart size mason jars. Alert for cheap prices and special sales, then stock up. So far I have barley, five kinds of beans, ,and two kinds of rice. A lot of canned veggies with pull ring tops. (no can opener needed.)

pull ring tops do not last as long as standard cans, the tops are weak. o with a can opener.

Everybody should have a P38 can opener in their pack, glove box or on their key chain. you can get them at Wal Mart or army surplus stores and most any place that sells back packing / camping supplies.

My p38 was given to me by Uncle Sam with my CR’s 53 years ago and it has served me well

For 33 years we have had a 1/4 acre Edible Jungle + small dam level with the lower swamp water table = very little work to do.. Healthy greens come from many sources: hibiscus, sweet potato, mulberry leaf, peanut lea, clover, tops of many vegies like carrots, & onions etc.With black string loop trap bird. We are close to the island sea so shellfish like oysters & mussels readily available + fish of course. Geese best for eggs & 2 goats or sheep for milk. Dog can happily become vegetarian at any age so us one to help pull your bike up hills like my 1950s Dachshund. Sugar cane for sweetness by spitting into 4. Pigeon etc peas. Bananas like warm weather swamps & ours ripen in midwinter.

Remember the “old” Boy Scout motto ?
Love this kinda stuff, makes ya think.
Thanks for the posting. Some of these make me laugh.

No Pemmican? No Iron Rations (nuts and seeds)?

Several nuts and seeds, and particularly Pemmicam doesn’t last forever

Nuts and seeds have a high fat content and don’t store well. You can extend their life by storing them in the freezer.

If you are going to put salt on that list you must also put WATER! Both are naturally occurring and necessary for life.

Water is naturally occurring but does not last forever. Even the best sealed containers will give way to bacteria eventually rendering it hazardous. It would need purification of some sort.

My only caution is to not use corn starch for diaper rash. It encourages yeast growth.

Sorch dry corn starch in a pan is the answer. Used it for chafe.

The fungi aren’t coming from the corn starch, but the anal meatus… can’t really scorch that

Great post. You have some good picks on this list. Honey, salt and ghee are my favorites. I would add coconut oil as a fat source. Coconut oil will last forever without going rancid like many oils. It’s also one of the healthiest and most versatile oils.
And personally I would not store or consume corn syrup.

Thanks! I love coconut oil but I had no idea it could last so long. In the future I’ll probably come back and add more items to this list.

Yes you really have to watch out for that carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen! while you’re at it you’d better do something to protect yourself from dihydrogen monoxide, Which kills more people globally than any other substance…give me a break.

11 “foods” that last forever?
I see 3 FOODS and 8 ingredients.

He specifically stated at the beginning of this post that, “Technically, most of them are ingredients, but you can use them to make some great meals if you know how.” Please read the post thoroughly before you make a comment.

Wouldn’t that be expecting us to use logic and be able to read?

I also am starting a storage room of food and water as times are getting harder and prices are going wild and our world seems to be uncertain.

For some of the grain foods like rice and flour, you really need to store them properly and in a dry place. White rice, for example, attracts many pests that eat them. The most common ones are insects, but of course rats could be a problem too. TBH it will be a challenge to keep your supplies completely pest free, especially if you have more than 3 months worth of supplies.

To store your rice and beans put them in a plastic bag and then put them in a large zinc trash can then use a bridge spike in the center of the contents. This causes a galvanic action that keeps the pests out.

What I do to protect my dry goods from pests is save up those big popcorn tins they sell at Christmas. They’re water and pest proof when sealed. Work smarter, not harder!

You should look on YouTube on how to dry can the rice and beans and flour and oatmeal Etc try counting these items can last 15 to 30 years with no bugs no rats can get into the jars

U guys r a bunch of geese.
Do u really think that the worlds gonna go into chaos

It’s entirely possible. Much of this site is about preparing for natural disasters which happen every year. But if you understood the unsustainability of the U.S. economy and entitlement system, you’d be stocking up. too.

Well said. The U.S Dollar collapse is unavoidable. The question is not whether it could possibly happen, but when. I wish I knew the answer.

Ah…yes, at last the Voice of the Sheeple is heard.

Well, Mike Hunt, if nothing happens we are no worse off for being prepared.
If something does happen, you on-the-other-hand are in big trouble.

And by rotating the food supply you would eat the foods close to expiration soooo…you are basically buying groceries and keeping them for awhile, then eating them. If you had a debilitating injury, loss of job/income then the food supplies would really help. Some people have absolutely no one to help them and it could be weeks/months before they could get help from the government, if they qualify. This stocking up is wonderful

and you are a fool, I stocked up on food and when I lost my job I was able to feed the family with the very little money we had left. its not just for a disaster, its for when you might need it. but just go on with your life beliving that nothing will ever happen to you, and just wait for the government to take care of you……ignorant sheep

The zombie nigapocalypse broke out in Ferguson,& Baltimore.

It’s like having a gun – it is better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.

Well let’s see. Tsunami. Earthquakes, pandemics, power grid failure, tornadoes, massive storm fronts, floods, naw these things have not happened in human history so why worry about them now?

I wonder what Mike Hunt would say now May 4th 2020 about the world as it is today. Do you still think the guys r a bunch of geese. I say the guys are way ahead in their food storage since they started in May of 2012. And yes the world is going into chaos right now.

When the pandemic hit and everything got shut down I never had to go to the store for anything not even toilet paper. Suddenly nobody was making fun of so called preppers. So here we are in 2021 and things aren`t looking much better but I`m restocked and ready for the next round. The problem is that America has just had it too good for too long. Sometimes people just need a wake up call. Keep doing the right thing and help someone if you can.

Awesome blog post on survival food! I’m going to reference your site and do some more research on it too. It has inspired me to find the best processed food goodies that will last “forever”.

Nice post! Thank you for keeping us informed. I have been wondering about the shelf life of honey and vinegar. With oil prices going through the roof food and everything else is getting much more expensive. We are putting away as much food as possible. Just last week we spent our entire tax refund on food storage. If your looking for long term food storage at reasonable prices check We got the giant package for 4 people for a year. The food tastes great! Don’t wait another day!

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