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13 Perfect Breakfast-in-Bed Trays for Mom

13 Perfect Breakfast-in-Bed Trays for Mom

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Serve Mom like the Queen she is with these great trays fit for Sunday morning breakfast or brunch

Take a gander at these trays equipped with recipes to match!

There’s never a better time for breakfast in bed than Mother’s Day. It’s the quintessential go-to for treating your mother like the Queen Bee she is.

Whether you’re an only child and co-operating with Dad or you have a house full of siblings—working together to create something special for mom is not only vital, but so sentimental, she’ll remember it for years to come.

And while the actual meal you’re serving is important to figure out—you do need the proper equipment in order to serve it up in style.

A great tray can not only work well for breakfast in bed for this occasion, but will make a great addition in your home—especially for those days when one of your family members is under the weather or its too cold to get out from under the covers to have tomato soup and grilled cheese, or simply as a server for future occasions you may be hosting.

So take a peek at these lovely trays from simple to extravagant, classic to bold—find the one perfect for mom and get a little inspired by the tray and our matching recipes to create a stellar Mother’s Day Surprise for the special lady in your life.

This article was originally published on May 5, 2013.

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