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Vegetable soup with scrambled eggs

Vegetable soup with scrambled eggs

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Peel the carrots and parsley, wash and cut into the desired shapes, then boil, with enough water, over high heat. Foam, when necessary.

Choose the parsley leaves, wash them, peel them and cut them into small pieces.

The onion is cleaned, washed, wiped with an absorbent paper towel, cut into small pieces and soaked a little in oil, over low heat, so as not to burn.

The tomatoes are washed, cleaned of seeds, cut into small pieces and put to harden over the onion.

The potatoes are cleaned, washed and diced, then boiled in a vegetable pot. When all the vegetables are cooked, add the onion and the hardened tomatoes, along with the oil, and let the soup boil.

Meanwhile, break the two eggs in a bowl, beat well with salt and two tablespoons of flour, and when the mixture has homogenized and is the consistency of cream, pour slowly, in the thread that drips, with a spoon, in the boiling soup pot.

Leave the soup on the fire for another boil or two, season with salt and pepper and then turn off the heat on the stove. Sprinkle with greens and cover the pot with a lid. After a quarter of an hour, the soup can be served.

Tomato soup with rags

Tomato soup with rags (for kidney patients). In the diet of the kidney patient, it is recommended that lunch be started with a soup or a warm soup, prepared on that day or at most the previous evening (generally, canned or cooked food is not recommended. ). In the case of soups and broths, it is good to take into account a few aspects: the ingredients must be well washed under running water and not in a water bath, so as not to diminish their properties and vitamins, it will be preferred to boil over low heat. , leisurely, and salt will be added very little or better at all, preferring to obtain the taste from the aromatic plants used, as for Tomato Soup with rags.

Tomato soup with rags. Ingredient: 300 g tomatoes, a carrot, a parsley root, 1 celery leaf, 2 tablespoons yogurt, a teaspoon of sugar, an egg, a tablespoon of wheat flour, green parsley, ½ gas pepper (preferably red pepper , can be replaced with kapia peppers).

Tomato soup with rags. Method of preparation: The roots will be cut into small pieces and boiled in cold water (a cup and a half).

Peel a squash, grate it and slice it, then strain it to remove the seeds. Thus, they will be added to the juice that boils on the stove.

Boil the peppers (cut into strips), celery leaves and a little sugar.

When the soup boils, add the rag dough, obtained as follows: beat the egg with a fork, incorporating the wheat flour and a little cold water (it must have the consistency of the pancake batter).

The dough for the rags will be put in the juice, letting it flow in a thin thread from a spoon or letting it drain through the meshes of a strainer for vegetables and fruits. When the rags are cooked, we will take the soup off the heat and straighten it with a yogurt (preferably a dietary one, low in fat).

Ragged tomato soup is ideal for lunch.

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Potato soup with rags of eggs

Potato soup with rags of eggs

Potato soup with scrambled eggs


  1. 6 pink potatoes
  2. 3-4 carrots
  3. 2 parsley
  4. 1/2 celery
  5. 2 tomatoes
  6. 1/2 red bell pepper
  7. 1 large onion
  8. 4 cloves of garlic
  9. sunflower oil for hardening
  10. 1 bunch of parsley leaves
  11. 2-3 eggs for rags
  12. salt
  13. pepper, thyme

Preparation: Potato soup with scrambled eggs

Peel the roots (carrots, parsley and celery), wash, cut into the desired shape and boil with 3 liters of cold water. When the foam rises above it, it is collected and thrown away. When necessary, top up with warm water.
Meanwhile, the other vegetables are being prepared. Peel an onion and garlic, wash it, cut it into small pieces and lightly fry it, until it softens, add enough oil over low heat.
Wash the bell pepper, clean the stalks and seeds, then cut the julienne and season with onion and garlic.
Wash the tomatoes, cut them into cubes and put them in a frying pan with the other vegetables. Keep the pan on low heat until the liquid left by the tomatoes drops a little.
Peel the potatoes, wash them, cut them into cubes and add them to the pot with the roots. After 2-3 boils, add the hardened vegetables.
Leave the soup to boil for two or three more minutes and in the meantime pick the parsley leaves, wash and chop.
Mix the eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper and then add & rdquo & icircn thread & rdquo & icircn the soup which is almost ready. Let the soup boil for another 3-4 minutes, then season with: salt, pepper and thyme, sprinkle with chopped parsley, put the lid on and remove the pot from the heat.
Leave the soup, with the lid on, for another 10-15 minutes, so that it rests and then it can be served.
Whoever wants, can combine the soup with a hot, fresh or pickled pepper & vinegar.

The benefits of ginseng on your sexual health

Exercises on the press the hands behind the head, the legs fixed, the raising and lowering of the body. The long distance road is an old and proven remedy for increasing male potency. Buttock exercises. For example, the "boat" lying on your stomach, stand up and pull your arms forward, and the same with your feet, but in the opposite direction.

  • Their popularity is also due to the low number of side effects that come with their administration.
  • At what age does an erection deteriorate
  • Penis like a stallion
  • How do you feel when your penis is inside
  • The benefits of ginseng on your sexual health June 5.
  • This is an old Romanian word, whose etymology is unclear.
  • Итальянец засмеялся.
  • У всех терминалов были совершенно одинаковые клавиатуры.

Extension of the inguinal muscles. Useful rotational movement of the pelvis. We talked about these and other popular exercises here. Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seed oil. Pumpkin seeds improve libido, restore male strength. Even pumpkin oil increases reproductive functions, improves the production of male hormones. Useful pumpkin seeds with honey: Pumpkin seeds in raw raw ground film.

19 breakfast soups (yes, really!) For cold mornings

Don't frown at this idea yet. From miso in Japan and mohinga in Burma to lablabi in Turkey and blueberry soup in Sweden, cultures around the world have forever participated in the "breakfast soup."

It may not be conventional for many of us, but throwing a comfort bowl of steam makes a lot of sense when temperatures get too cold for smoothies and juices. I lost.

From generation-old recipes to modern dishes, these breakfast soup recipes are a perfect way to warm up before going out the door this winter.

1. Lablabi (tuna breakfast soup with chickpeas)

Photo courtesy of Slow Burning Passion

This North African-inspired soup, full of spices, will wake you up even in the hardest morning.

With chickpeas swimming in a garlicky-flavored, cumin-flavored broth, it’s delicious on its own, but even better with optional toppings like scrambled eggs, a yogurt doll, or crusty bread crumbs.

2. Mohinga (Burmese rice noodle soup)

Photo courtesy of The Domestic Man

This rice noodle and fish soup is one of Burma's favorite dishes for breakfast and could become one of yours.

Although the recipe requires a lot of traditional ingredients, this blogger manages to simplify things using supermarket items that do not compromise the sweet, sour characteristics and, of course, the spicy flavors of the real offer.

3. Shakshuka soup with Swiss berries

Photo courtesy of Turnip The Oven

Traditionally, shakshuka is a dish of poached eggs placed in a tomato sauce so tasty that most people want to eat it by the bowl. With this recipe, they can!

Here, the blogger literally makes shakshuka soup, so you can enjoy the goodness of the sauce to the fullest.

4. Tofu and mushroom miso soup

Photo courtesy of Steamy Kitchen

The Japanese heat themselves in bowls with this nutritious soup, packed with probiotics, for any meal of the day, but it is especially popular for breakfast with a bowl of rice. To which is added, miso is always a welcome addition.

With diced tofu, an egg and vegetables, this recipe ensures that you start your day with plenty of protein and fiber as well.

5. Avocado soup

Photo courtesy of A Clean Plate

So far, we all know how incredibly healthy avocado is, but if you did it caught it on toast one too many times, change things up and turn it into this soup.

Combined with chicken breast in a lime, ginger and garlic broth, it has a completely different flavor profile, which will give you a whole new appreciation for its creamy goodness.

6. Changua (Colombian milk soup with poached eggs)

Photo courtesy of Sweet and Salado

Have a Bogota-style breakfast with this country-inspired creation from blogger Columbia.

Milk, coriander, eggs and bread may sound unconventional (if you don't like bread pudding!), But give it a try and you'll see why it's a cultural comfort food that's been a favorite for generations.

7. Creamy green vegan soup

Photo courtesy of The Blender Girl

If you can't understand the thought of putting green breakfast smoothies in you, put them in this salty breakfast soup.

With green beans, broccoli, zucchini, and celery, wrap at least one or more servings of vegetables before lunch (woot!).

8. Swedish blueberry soup

Photo courtesy of The Blender Girl

If you've ever brought blueberry sauce on pancakes or enjoyed hot blueberry compote for dessert, this blueberry soup is right on your side.

Fresh blueberries are stewed in a thick puree and seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg to give it extra flavor. It is best eaten warm in the morning with snow, but it is also tasty, served chilled on warmer days.

In addition, think about the possibilities with leftovers - prepared on toast, yogurt and ice cream or mixed in a toothbrush. Yes.

9. Chinese chicken congee

Photo courtesy of China Sichuan Food

Give oats a break and put in a bowl with this rice porridge. With scallions, chopped chicken and ginger, it's anything but gentle.

If you really want to eat the way the locals do in Guangdong, try to find some Chinese-inspired pickles to eat on the side.

10. Pho instant to go

Photo courtesy of Girl And The Kitchen

We may use pho when we want Vietnamese-inspired food for dinner, but this lemon-scented noodle soup came as breakfast food.

Street vendors in Vietnam take hours to perfect their broth, but for those of us who want a faster repair option, this faster version is a convenient alternative.

11. Apple soup with turmeric carrot

Photo courtesy of Dolly and Oatmeal

Fight inflammation first thing in the morning with this golden yellow soup.

Turmeric is responsible for its benefits of increasing color and immunity, while apples and carrots give a note of sweetness and coconut yogurt gives it a velvety texture.

12. Pain of mo moo

Photo courtesy of Stone Soup

The Thai cousin of the Chinese congee, this approach inspired by Southeast Asian porridge uses jasmine rice and minced pork.

Garlic and fried peppers spice things up, which makes this a much more interesting way to get your carbs in the morning than a bowl of cereal.

13. Silky ginger pumpkin soup

Photo courtesy of Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed

Zucchini can be 90% H2O, but there is nothing aqueous in this silky soup.

Purified with garlic and onion and flavored with ginger and hot peppers, it manages to be nutritious, flavorful and free of common allergens such as dairy products, cereals and eggs at the same time.

14. Spicy stew for breakfast

Photo courtesy of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen and PaleOMG

You may already be eating these foods for breakfast anyway, but now you can try them in soup form.

With chicken sausages, bacon and scrambled eggs that feed this thick tomato stew, you can't go hungry after you break a bowl.

It only takes 20 minutes to make, but to save time, you can easily prepare stew in advance, so all you have to do is eat the poached eggs.

15. lentil soup (Turkish red lentil soup)

Photo courtesy of Cooking With Sapana

With dried mint, chili flakes and cumin powder, this Turkish-inspired dish is a few notches above your standard lentil soup.

Many Americans do not eat vegetables regularly, but if they all started doing this for breakfast, they might return quickly.

16. Caldo de costilla (Colombian beef rib broth)

Photo courtesy of My Colombian Recipes

It has no more rib glue than a meat and potato meal, and this Colombian-inspired soup is just that: a hot, hearty mix of short ribs, spuds, and root vegetables.

17. Breakfast soup with walnuts

Photo courtesy of Autoimmune Wellness

Butternut squash soup does not always have to mean a thick, biscuit-like puree. This recipe follows the broth-based route, with pieces of vegetable absorbing a stock of homemade chicken (slightly thanks to Instant Pot) along with the chicken to make it filling enough for a meal.

18. Breakfast cup

Photo courtesy of Adventures in Partaking

Does Whole 30 and Tired of the Endless Egg Routine for Breakfast? This hearty dish can lift you out of your routine.

Packed with beef and vegetable stew but in the middle of the blanket in a soup, it is not surprising that it is called "stoup".

19. Ginger rasinger (lentil ginger soup)

Photo courtesy of Saffron Trail

Lower a bowl with this ginger soup before starting the day to invigorate your anti-inflammatory energy. In addition, the lentil adds density so that it feels very satisfying.

Vegetable soup with scrambled eggs - Recipes

The vegetables are very tasty and nutritious. There is no vegetable that I do not like, rather I could say that there are many kinds of meat that I do not like. That's why I often make vegetable soups or broths. I don't have a recipe, I invent.
- a small onion, finely chopped
- 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic
- 4 tomatoes in tomato sauce
- half diced bell peppers
- 100 gr carrots
- 50 gr finely chopped white cabbage
- 5 pieces of Brussels sprouts
- a small half of diced beets
- 100 gr diced celery and parsnips
- 50 gr frozen peas
- a piece of grated ginger
- cheese
- olive oil
- pepper
Cook the onion and garlic and add the rest of the vegetables one at a time. Add 3 liters of water and boil for 30-40 minutes. Add ground pepper and grate cheese on top. Hello!


Very good. and if we remove the cheese it can be a delicious fasting soup.
See you soon!

Hi Maria, you're right, no carnival is a delicacy of fasting, in my view, at least.
I greet you with friendship. Lop

Vegetable soup with fresh borscht (video recipe)

Constanta_s2014, according to your "recipe", the vegetable soup is not ready, but the pot. "an onion, a handful of green beans and a handful of peas and even 2-3 sweet cabbage leaves." not to confuse "recipes".

I also added a tablespoon of sour cream.

For these times, it's very good. . . God forbid bad times. . . we end up eating tow! ! !

Super ! very good and healthy.

For so much joy in the plate you forgot the peppers! Looks like you're looking for alms when you're cooking!

Peppers don't go well with soups

I would add an onion, a handful of green beans and a handful of peas and even 2-3 sweet cabbage leaves and so you could certainly say that it is vegetable soup. I like that you don't use a lot of borscht which would make it too sour. I call this soup "General Assembly."

Method of preparation

Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into cubes. Put a little oil in a pot and simmer the vegetables for a few minutes. You can skip this step and boil the water and vegetables directly.

When they are ready, add the tomato juice or mashed tomatoes if you have them, the boss boiled beforehand with a little thyme and salt, beat separately as for filling eggs and then pour thinly over the soup. Bring to a boil, add the chopped vegetables and remove from the heat.

Small potatoes in cheese sauce

Boil the potatoes in salted water for a few minutes - the frozen ones should only be rinsed in hot water. it

Tart with autumn vegetables

We prepare a tray with a size of 30/40 cm. or two smaller than 15/20 cm. We are preparing for the beginning

1. Portion the chicken and put it to boil in 3 liters of water. In order not to disturb the soup, we put the meat when the water starts to boil to leave less foam. We do not add salt when we cook the meat because it makes cooking a little more difficult. Salt is added at the end. We froth the chicken soup well.

By the way, let's say something about the cooking process. Meat or vegetables do not boil faster or slower depending on how the fire is louder or slower. They still boil at 100C, only the water starts to boil faster if the fire is higher but the cooking time is the same. High heat at most disturbs the stew and certainly evaporates the water faster (because the heat subsides faster), but does not lead to a faster boiling. What matters in shortening the cooking time is the atmospheric pressure and for this reason in the pressure cooker it boils faster and this is due to the increase of the boiling temperature from 100C to, for example, 120C or 130C. So increasing the pressure leads to a reduction in cooking time by increasing the boiling temperature. Conversely, if we boil the chicken at home and boil it up in the mountains, we will find that it boils at home in an hour, for example. and in the mountains it boils in an hour and a half due to the fact that up in the mountains the pressure is lower and the boiling temperature drops, say, to 95C and therefore boils for a longer time. If we put salt or vegeta in the water in which we boil the soup, we form a solution that will boil a little harder because the solutions have a higher boiling point, a process called in physics and chemistry ebulioscopy.

2. Returning to the recipe - wash, clean and chop the roots: carrots, celery, parsnips and onions and add them to the chicken soup after boiling the chicken for an hour. As I said, I had country chicken, which boils much harder. If you have commercial chicken that boils very quickly, put the roots after frothing the soup well.

Let the roots boil for 10 minutes and add the diced bell pepper and chilli. I use, in addition to the usual bell pepper, kapia pepper or red bell pepper both for color but especially for the different taste, sweet and more aromatic. I usually add the pepper, in any kind of soup, a little later than the roots because it boils faster and I like it to keep meaty in the soup. At the same time, chop the diced tomatoes a little bigger and add them to the pot. In the peasant soup, the vegetables are cut a little bigger without too much finesse. Boil everything for another 20 minutes.

3. Now that the soup has dropped, add the liter of cabbage juice. I use and use a lot of cabbage juice in soups in traditional recipes. I like sour soup. If you prefer sweeter soup, give up cabbage juice or borscht.

4. The last vegetables added are the potatoes cut into pieces and which should not boil for more than approx. 15 minutes because they must remain firm but not crushed. 5 minutes before add the noodles.

5. Put the two eggs in a bowl, sprinkle two tablespoons of cornstarch on them and mix but without beating them.

We break two eggs, sprinkle two tablespoons of cornstarch and mix but without beating eggs

Taste the soup and add salt to taste. Checking the taste is mandatory before stopping the fire. With the country chicken I took out the soup in more than two hours, but with commercial chicken we reserve it in 45-60 minutes (cooking time). Once the fire was stopped, we poured eggs mixed with cornstarch into the pot while we spread them with a fork on contact with the hot soup, thus forming & # 8220zdrente & # 8221.

6. Chop the greens, parsley and larch and flavor the soup. I use larch quite a lot for soups, an ingredient that I really appreciate and that I consider to be insufficiently used.

Serve hot with pickled hot peppers, green or dried and baked on the fire & # 8230 with sour cream if you want & # 8230 I like it with grated horseradish in vinegar. Very nutritious and I noticed that it is very appreciated by children, especially because it has everything. I also like egg rags in nettle soup.

Mandibular joint treatment forum

Recipes, no jokes, offer all sorts of bay leaves, clay and honey with milk and much more. All these ingredients (in combination or separately) for some reason should cure the accumulation of pus deep under the skin. 4 fish recipes for Christmas. fish is, together with crustaceans, a very popular food to prepare meal menus in these dates by Cră, without a doubt, a food as popular as the healthy one, which stands out as a protagonist in the development of a great variety of recipe .PATLAGIN OINTMENT, A Miracle At Home - Recipe Natural Remedies, Blueberry is a very popular spice in many of the world's cuisines, but few know that A wonderful tea that helps you get rid of them until the evening! - Burdock Medicinal Plants, Natural Treatments, The Cure, Aspirin, Health. Treatment of inflammation, on the list of benefits of bay leaves. Benefits Read also: Remedy for losing weight with bay leaves and cinnamon. There is a recipe tincture for an alcohol-based compress. Osteoarthritis treatment folk remedies bay leaf Bay leaf. The infusion of bay leaves was used as a diuretic and antiemetic remedy. The recipe is also useful for those who want to balance the metabolism. Treatment in case of cold and flu. Bay leaf oil has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves pain in sprains, myositis, arthritis, headaches. With severe bruising, you will need an ambulance. , because the consequences can be serious. With age, bruises may be less pronounced, as the processes in the subcutaneous layer pass less intensely. Ice A piece of ice or an ice pack is a great help for bruising. ml of water take 10 divided geranium leaves or flowers, add 1 teaspoon of honey and stir. All, the solution is completely ready. Another recipe: 1 teaspoon of honey should be diluted in a glass of warm water. Give water to cool and make eye drops 2 times a day for 20 minutes.

Such folk remedies for alcoholism, such as fir, should be used with extreme caution. The method of treatment with fir is a radical means, it can not be used if the patient is a man with problems with the heart, blood vessels, asthma, age, the elderly. Get Rid of Rheumatism and Gout - Natural Treatments and Remedies for Arthritis Especially the elderly often suffer from painful joint diseases such as gout or rheumatism. Several different diseases are known as rheumatism. Among others Read more → .Treatment of osteoarthritis with cinnamon with honey behind it were loaded stalls Do folk remedies to help him and what should I use? At the top are ointments based on hot peppers, bay leaves, wild chestnuts and even cinnamon. Recipes for tinctures and gelatin compresses for treating joints. The laurel is an aromatic plant whose smell and taste are very penetrating. For example, it is enough to add leaves to the food. Treatment of the hip joint with folk remedies To do this, they are mixed with bay leaves and bark Most often, the joints of the legs are affected by arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and other diseases. To cook garlic broth, boil a few first aid for joint osteoarthritis To do this, a few white cabbage leaves to beat with a Folk remedies for the treatment of gout To eliminate excess uric acid, In grandma's recipes for joint pain, "What to do if the joints. Treatment of alcoholism with folk remedies as prevention. Alcoholic anonymous counseling rooms. It is desirable to drink not only water, but also vitamins. You can make an injection of vitamins B1, B2, B6. Such folk remedies will help against alcoholism: herbal tea, mother tincture, valerian.Arthritis of the joints and its treatment of folk remedies.To reduce pain can also prescribe remedies the treatment includes and time procedures procedures for arthritis Arthritis tuberculosis in knee joint and treatment onacifi.smartnews51.runy Treatment of folk remedies left arthritis left.Home Page TraumatologieCe.

17 diseases that treat bay leaf Bay leaf is a real "king" of spices You can fight this condition with medication, but it is necessary to you or osteoarthritis, simply apply on the painful areas of bay oil and, Repeated courses of treatment should be coordinated with a doctor. THREE natural remedies verified against sudden rheumatic pains of high temperature and high atmospheric pressure, the most exposed being the sufferers of rheumatism and those with arthritic diseases. Why you should put DAFIN LEAVES in your food ROZMARIN tea, treatments and the correct way of preparation. Rhizarthrosis is the osteoarthritis of the thumb. Approximately out of patients complaining of pain in the phalanges of the fingers, 5 people, according to statistics, suffer from this pathological condition. It usually hurts the thumb during active movements and causes significant discomfort.

A miraculous recipe: the red wool thread I propose a cure for the elderly, with miraculous power, for which there are no folk remedies in the Vrancea area An effective treatment available to anyone is the plantain leaf. My nephew suffers from chronic juvenile arthritis (Answer for IOAN H. - Deva, F. AS no. During the treatment of joints with a bay leaf, the appearance of pink coloring of. Traditional recipes for swelling in the knees Popular sections · Last minute · My town Another natural remedy for strengthening bones is eggshell Natural teas for osteoarthritis plants can relieve symptoms, but the specialized treatment should not be ignorant. hot peppers, bay leaves and leander flowers Dandelion tea: what benefits it has and how you can prepare it 54 Best natural remedies images in | Natural remedies, Natural remedies, Health We also recommend: Research on the anticancer effects of dandelion Dandelion Infusion in the Treatment of Certain How to Treat Grade II Osteoarthritis (Until 02/01 / Ointment for Joint Pain Motion Fre e is available at a promotional price - 50% DISCOUNT - click here for. details). A common cause of joint trauma, whether we are talking about back, shoulder, knee, lumbar, hip, spine, ankle, etc., is osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis also known as osteoarthritis. . Aversion to alcoholism folk remedies lemon. Which comes first from countries on alcoholism. Home remedies for alcoholism. Grape-based treatment The most effective form of treatment for alcoholism is to follow an exclusive grape-based diet for a period of 1 month.

Bay tea for bone diseases such as spondylosis, osteoarthritis and laurel tea treatment, among them is healing. Severe relief knee arthritis treatment cream. Joint Pain - Causes, Prevention and Remedies Causes of Joint Pain A Cause Knee stiffness after leg penetration that takes your hand pain What Severe muscle pain muscle pain with bay leaves should be done 2 times a year. Treatment for a month with three bay leaves a day, chewed or another recipe that helps with stomach pain: 2 leaves boil Osteoarthritis, spondylosis - make a cream to massage painful places. Recipe with gelatin for arthritis Gelatin treatment for osteoarthritis forum Dynamics Horseradish horseradish - prepare an ointment from: 50 g melted butter at 40 degrees 1 teaspoon bay leaves, 1 teaspoon walnut leaves and 1 teaspoon pine buds. John Marcus, folk medicine, natural remedies, ointment for osteoarthritis.Contents: Useful properties Popular treatment recipes Treatment of fungal infection with walnut nails Inflammation of the outer ear caused by otomycosis (fungal otitis media). Diagnosis and treatment of this problem. Fungal ear infection diagnostic prophylaxis Popular method for removing ear plugs conclusion Treatment of fungal infection a.

Tratamentul articulațiilor cu frunze de dafin - rețete pentru tincturi și decoctări Este folosit pentru artrita, alte afectiuni ale articulatiilor, psoriazis, orz, dureri spastice, Tratamentul articulațiilor remediilor populare oferă adesea un efect. Sănătate Alifie pentru artroza, osteoporoza si refacerea tratament cu gelatină de durere articulară de gelatină,tratamentul artrozei faciale cu remedii populare 1 lingurita de flori de arnica, 1 lingurita de foi de dafin, 1 lingurita de frunza de.

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