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Chicken with lime

Chicken with lime

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Recipe Chicken with Lime by of 21-11-2012 [Updated on 31-05-2016]

With the lime chicken we move on to a decidedly less traditional recipe and much faster to make, a quick and tasty second course that you can serve with basmati rice thus obtaining a single dish. Sorry if I'm not very present on the blog these days but I have my friend Flavia as a guest in my house, who is doing a full immersion with us in the office for a new job and I'm enjoying my free time with her. These days with my friend made me take a dip back in time, to when she lived in Naples and we spent our carefree evenings together chatting late, sipping red wine and always having a lot of laughs. Tomorrow I return to Spain and I will return to my hectic routine and I will be able to catch up with the blog, for now I will post the recipe for chicken with lime, then let me know if you liked it. Good day to those who pass by here :)


How to make lime chicken

With a sharp knife, cut the chicken breast into small pieces.

Put the chicken in a bowl with the lime juice, and the peels, mint, a drizzle of oil, salt and pepper, mix and cook for 20-30 minutes.

In a wok, sauté the spring onion in the oil, adding some grated ginger.

Add the chicken together with its marinade and brown over high heat (even if you see them in the picture, remove the lime peels during cooking because they left me a bitter aftertaste).

Cook the lime chicken for about ten minutes.

Serve the lime chicken with thai or basmati rice :)

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