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Bocconcini with ricotta and almonds

Bocconcini with ricotta and almonds

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Recipe Bocconcini with ricotta and almonds from of 09-08-2013 [Updated on 20-06-2016]

I saw this recipe in the italian nightmare kitchens broadcast, chef Cannavacciulo proposed these lemon-flavored ricotta balls as a simple and effective dish to relaunch one of the many restaurants to save. I had the ingredients (apart from the pistachios which I replaced with almonds) and immediately I decided to try the recipe ... mmm what a taste, they looked like little clouds. If you were looking for a fresh and tasty appetizer, this is the recipe for you, and you can also find it in my column on Donna Moderna :) Good day everyone, I get ready and go to the sea, basins.


How to make ricotta and almond morsels

Arrange the ricotta in a bowl with the almonds and chopped lemon peel, salt and pepper
Work the mixture until you get a cream
Chop crackers or breadsticks and put them on a plate
With the help of two teaspoons, form balls

gently roll them in the breadcrumbs

Place the almond and lemon ricotta balls on a serving dish, decorate with a small piece of lemon peel and serve

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