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Mummy chillies

Mummy chillies

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Mummy Chilli Peppers Recipe of 22-10-2017 [Updated on 23-10-2017]

Hello, these mummy peppers are my first proposal for Halloween recipes 2017. You can make them too with only 4 (and very simple) ingredients: puff pastry, cheese, pepper and of course green chillies, the last of the season at least here in Naples! You can prepare them yourself or with the help of the little ones, I assure you that in addition to the scenic effect they will surprise you for their amazing taste. Girls this morning are struggling with the change of season, although here the cold has not yet arrived, because I am preying on a couple of trips that I have in Bolzano and Milan;) So I leave you and I wish you a good Sunday, kiss : *


How to make mummy chillies

Wash the green chillies, divide them in two and remove the seeds without removing the stem.

Cut the cheese into thin strips that you will put inside the chillies with the stem.

Roll out the puff pastry roll and cut it into strips.
Wrap each strip around the chilli, letting you see it.

Place the peppers in a baking tray lined with parchment paper and cook at 200 ° C for 15 minutes.

Use the peppercorns to form the eyes of your mummy peppers, then bring to the table.

Video: Chicken and cheese stuffed chilli recepie. ramazan 2020. MUMMY CHILLIES - HALLOWEEN CHILLIES (July 2022).


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