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Crepes with artichokes

Crepes with artichokes

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Artichoke Crepes Recipe from on 11-04-2019 [Updated on 12-04-2019]

The crepes with artichokes they are a delicious and absolutely perfect dish for this spring that finally seems to have started in its own right. If you like artichokes these crepes are definitely worth trying. You can serve them folded in 4 directly on the plate, as I did, or roll them up and put them back in the oven adding a little extra béchamel, serving them for lunch as if they were cannelloni. In both cases they will be delicious and will delight all your guests ;-)
Girls I hope that with these latest recipes, I am giving you some suggestions for your Easter menu, update me with your ideas and proposals, I'm really curious: P
I leave you to these crepes with artichokes and I wish you a sweet day: *


How to make artichoke crepes

First, prepare the crepes dough by mixing eggs, milk, flour, oil and salt until you get a smooth batter.
Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it rest for 1 hour at room temperature.

Clean the artichokes, cut them into wedges and then into slices and let them rest for 30 minutes in water and lemon.

Drain the artichokes, season them in a pan with garlic, oil, parsley. Then add some water (half a glass should suffice) and bring to a boil.
Cover with a lid and leave to simmer for about 15 minutes or until touching them not a fork they appear soft.

Drain them from any excess sauce (if it is little and your béchamel is rather thick, you can also leave it) and add them to the béchamel.

At this point you just have to make the crepes and stuff them.
Grease a crepe maker or non-stick pan with a little butter, then pour a ladle of dough and swirl the pan to distribute it evenly.

When the dough has hardened and the crepe comes off well from the bottom, turn it gently with a spatula and cook the second side as well.
Continue like this with all the dough, greasing the pan from time to time, and stacking the crepes on a plate as they are ready.

Once cooked, stuff one at a time: cover half with a little stuffing, adding the diced mozzarella, fold the second half over the stuffing and fold again to obtain a clove. Continue with the other crepes.

Once ready, immediately serve your artichoke crepes.

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