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Fig mostarda

Fig mostarda

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Mostarda di figs recipe of 06-09-2017 [Updated on 06-09-2017]

There fig mustard it is one of the tastiest preserves to make for the winter. It is basically one mustard for cheeses, perfect for counteracting the flavor of the latter and teasing your taste buds! For lovers of sweet and sour it is a recipe not to be missed because this mustard, combined with a nice pecorino, is really super. Pay attention only to the quantity of mustard to be used because it will affect the spicy taste of the mustard: P.
For half a kilo of figs I find that a nice teaspoon full of mustard is perfect but obviously it goes to personal taste, so taste and adjust;)


How to make fig mostarda

Peel the figs and put them in a bowl.
Add sugar, wine and mustard.

Mix the ingredients and transfer everything to a saucepan.
Then cook for 30 minutes.

5 minutes before cooking is finished, use an immersion blender
Leave to cook for a few more minutes and turn off the heat.
Pour the mustard into the previously sterilized glass jars.

Your fig mostarda is ready.

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