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Ricotta Cream

Ricotta Cream

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There Ricotta Cream it is a typically Sicilian recipe and is, in fact, the one used for cassata and cannoli. The recipe is very quick and the result is really good, as you well know. In addition to the cassata you can use it to fill pies or accompany a donut, or even serve it as a dessert spoon, accompanied by ladyfingers or biscuits. The ideal, to follow the Sicilian tradition, would be to make it with sheep's milk ricotta. If you can't find it, you can use cow or buffalo and reduce the sugar to 100-120 g, but avoid the basket ricotta which is too delicate in flavor and soft in texture and would not perform well.
If you want a spoon dessert to prepare on the fly today, this is the recipe for you, kisses and happy Sunday my sweetest friends!


How to make ricotta cream

First sift the ricotta.
Add the sugar and work them together until it dissolves completely.

Then incorporate the chocolate chips.

Et voilà, the ricotta cream is ready: decorate with a few more drops of chocolate and serve it, or use it for cassata, cannoli or other preparations.

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