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MetLife Stadium Is Now Offering Gigantic Sausage and Beer Cheese-Smothered Pretzels for Jets Fans

MetLife Stadium Is Now Offering Gigantic Sausage and Beer Cheese-Smothered Pretzels for Jets Fans

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MetLife Stadium debuted new ‘jumbo-jet”-sized snacks for Jets fans this football season

Another incentive to shout “J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!

As NFL season kicks off, we recognize one universal truth about the legions of football fans: there are fans who attend several games a year and diligently keep score for their fantasy league, and there are those of us that, let’s be honest, are more preoccupied with outrageous stadium snacks. MetLife Stadium will not disappoint in that area this year.

The stadium, home to both the New York Giants and Jets is debuting a new line of gigantic, “jumbo-sized” snacks only on Jets game days including a yard-long sausage sandwich, 10-inch breakfast bagel sandwich, and an oversized pretzel covered with a pound of cheese and sausage.

Want more details? The “Jumbo Jet Sausage” is an almost yard-long chicken sausage sandwich on a 24” roll topped with a pound of meat, half a pound of Guinness beer cheese, one pound of caramelized onions and cabbage kraut, and half a pound of crumbled chorizo. The “Jumbo Jet Breakfast Bagel” is a 10” bagel topped with four fried eggs, American cheese, potato hash, and a half a pound of Taylor ham. The “Jumbo Pretzel” is a Bavarian pretzel topped with a half a pound of beer cheese, chorizo, fried jalapeñ os, and brown mustard. You can add “Jet Fuel” sauce to any of the above.

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