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It may be easy to explain, but it's a job to be done and it's really worth it.

So we start with the tomato sauce: peel the tomatoes and seeds and put it in a large pan with olive oil to dry a little. Add finely chopped onion and leave until it becomes sauce but not too dry.

In another smaller pan put olive oil and cut the eggplant into large slices for gratin and what remains smaller cut into cubes that we harden with a little salt that we will add to the tomato sauce.

I grated the larger eggplant slices in the non-stick pan for a few minutes with a pinch of salt.

I also prepared macaroni pasta from 300 gr flour and 3 small eggs, I worked a little and I watered my hand a little with water so that I could work the dough better, then when it became a ball I took the pieces and spread long laces with my hands , then I put them in a large saucepan with hot water and boiled them for 30-35 minutes because they were a little thicker,

I placed in a baking tray a little of the tomato sauce with the diced eggplant, then the slices of eggplant au gratin and the macaroni given through the tomato sauce placing them wire by wire, I put them in the preheated oven at 180 degrees 50 minutes, then you can serve with grated ricotta on top or even without!

They are fantastic! Great appetite!

Spaghetti rolls * standard *

You don't always have time for everything. We try to carve out a space just for ourselves, a small corner in which to do what we love but nothing & # 8230 everything flows faster than our thoughts and sometimes even our will. We do not have time to catch the moment that has already passed in a whirlwind of work, moments with loved ones and trips as short as intense and engaging.

All this to say that I wish I hadn't let so much time pass (for me it's so much :) since the last post. Ehh, let's just say I've seen better. Then there is the fact that with the heat here you eat mostly salads and little else, so nothing interesting to report! Today, however, I tore the rule of the stove to the bare minimum and dusted off a classic all-Catania that must be prepared in the summer: the Norma pasta roll, chic variant (eh he .. more or not! lol) of the most famous Sicilian dish along with pasta with sardines (let's all please, from one side of the island to the other!). On the name of the recipe I do not make it so long: it tells the story that Nino Martoglio, playwright and writer from Catania who lived between the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, exclaimed & # 8211 at a friend's house & # 8211 in front of a plate of pasta seasoned with fried aubergines, basil, salted ricotta and tomato & # 8220This is a Norma! & # 8221 or a perfect recipe (ie made to the highest standards, sublime as the & # 8220Norma & # 8221 of the Catania musician Vincenzo Bellini completed by comparison ).

Summer is the perfect time to cook it (not all year round, please!). In fact, the aubergines are fleshy and tasty, the tomatoes very juicy and the basil adds that flowery and spicy aroma, typical of many Sicilian dishes. A recipe that includes all the flavors of Catania cuisine. For the doses I will not be very precise, because here & # 8211 as in many recipes & # 8211 you go very by eye and according to taste.

Spaghetti rolls * standard *

round, large aubergines | 1 and 1/2

**tomato sauce (I made plenty of them and kept the extra in jars in the fridge)

Cut the aubergines into not too thin slices, sprinkle with coarse salt and let them drain for about 15-20 min. then rub / dry them with kitchen paper and fry them in hot oil. Cut a few slices and strips and leave the others whole. Cook the spaghetti rather al dente (about 2 min. Before the cooking time), drain and season with tomato sauce and a drizzle of oil, add the aubergines in strips. Take the eggplant slices, place them on a fork of pasta, roll them up in a roll and fix them with toothpicks. Arrange the rolls on a baking sheet, season with 1 tablespoon of sauce and sprinkle with salted ricotta. Bake at 190 ° -200 ° C for about 10 minutes or until au gratin. Sprinkle with chopped basil before serving.

For the tomato sauce: slice the onion and fry it gently with the chopped garlic, add the diced tomatoes and plenty of basil, salt and pepper. Cook until the tomatoes are tender. Blend the sauce with an immersion blender, season with salt and pepper and thicken to taste. At the end of cooking, add more chopped basil.

* spaghetti | choose good quality pasta that keeps cooking well as it must be au gratin with it spaghetti della Verrigni drawn in gold & # 8211 that I found some time ago in a store & # 8211 I admit that the recipe came absolutely .. to Norma! :))))

English please.

Today, I dusted off a classic pasta alla catanese usually prepared in the summer: Norma spaghetti rolls (Norma style spaghetti rolls) a chic variant (more or less, lol) of the most famous Sicilian dish. The name of the recipe comes from an episode in the late 19th century: tells the story that Nino Martoglio, writer, poet and theater director from Catania, exclaimed when he tasted a plate of pasta with fried eggplant, basil, salted ricotta and tomato sauce & # 8220This is a Standard! & # 8221 (this is a Norma!) Which means a & # 8220perfect & # 8221 recipe (that & # 8217s & # 8220according to the book & # 8221, as perfect as the opera Norma by the catanese musician Vincenzo Bellini taken as comparison).

Summertime is the perfect season to make it (not all year round, please!) Eggplants are fleshy and tasty, tomatoes are juicy and basil adds that flowery and spicy aroma, typical of many Sicilian dishes. An easy recipe that packs all the flavors of catanese food! Amounts may vary & # 8211 as in many recipes & # 8211 according to your tastes.

Spaghetti rolls * to Standard * & # 8211 Spaghetti rolls * Standard-style * (traditional sicilian recipe)

Ingredients: round eggplants, large, 1 and 1/2 | spaghetti * 7.1 oz (200g) | tomato sauce ** as needed | fresh basil to taste | ricotta salata cheese to sprinkle | salt and pepper. Makes about 12 rolls.
** tomato sauce (I & # 8217ve made plenty and stored the extras in jars, in the fridge): ripe tomatoes about 2 pounds (1kg) | onion, finely chopped, 1 large | garlic cloves 2 | fresh basil to taste | salt and pepper.

Slice the eggplant not too thin, sprinkle the slices with salt and let drain for about 15-20 min. then rub / pat dry with kitchen paper and fry in plenty of hot oil. Cut a few slices into strips and leave the other whole. Cook the spaghetti al dente (about 2 min. before suggested cooking time), drain and toss with the tomato sauce and a drizzle of olive oil. Add the eggplant strips. Place a forkful of pasta on the eggplant slices, roll them up and secure with toothpicks. Arrange the rolls on a baking sheet with non-stick baking paper, toss with 1 tablespoon of sauce and sprinkle with some ricotta salad. Bake at 190 ° & # 8211 200 ° C for about 10 minutes or until golden. Sprinkle with chopped basil.

For the tomato sauce: slice the onion and fry gently with the garlic pieces, add the diced tomatoes and a lot of basil, salt and pepper. Cook until the tomatoes are tender. Puree the sauce with a hand blender, season with salt and pepper and let it thicken as desired. At the end of cooking add more chopped basil.

* spaghetti | choose a very good quality paste that mantains the cooking as it will cook also into the oven I used spaghetti Verrigni a gold drawn pasta & # 8211 that I found in a shop some time ago & # 8211 and the recipe came it absolutely .. a Norma! :))

Swordfish rolls

To prepare the Sicilian rolls, start by soaking the & rsquouva in a bowl full of water for 10 minutes 1. Take the caciocavallo, finely chop it 2 and place it in a bowl large enough to contain the other ingredients 3.

Add the breadcrumbs 4, the pine nuts 5 and the well-drained raisins 6 to the cheese.

At this point, finely chop the onion 7, and put it to dry in a non-stick pan with 3 tablespoons of olive oil 8. When it is ready, add it to the breadcrumbs and add the remaining oil to mix the mixture, season with salt and pepper. The dough obtained must have a lumpy and non-compact consistency so that it can be easily molded when you go to assemble the roll.

Now take care of creating the rolls: take the meat and beat it with the meat beater 10, brush it with oil, lay down a little stuffing and roll it on itself from the short side 11. At this point, divide the roll obtained in half with the help of a knife 12.

Prepare 24 slices of onion by cutting the outer layers into quarters and start building the first skewer (the slices obtained will be the length of the roll) 13. Insert a bay leaf, a slice of onion, a roll, a slice of onion and another bay leaf into a skewer stick 14 continue to compose the skewer until you have inserted three rolls 15.

Following this procedure, prepare the other skewers as well, until you have exhausted all the ingredients and then brush them with some oil 16. Heat a steak well over high heat and grill the skewers for 2 minutes per side, just enough to brown them and cook the inside of the meat (17-18). Sicilian rolls can be served as classic skewers or you can separate the pieces and put on a plate.

Sicilian Gastronomy Standard

Typical Neapolitan: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, EVO and basil.

Arugula and Parmesan cheese

Rucola, peer bosh caramelized walnuts, shaved Parmigiano and balsamic vinegar.

Pizza Ham & Arugula

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, shaved Parmesan cheese, arugula and aged Parma ham.

Pizza Diavola

Tomato sauce, 'nduja calabrese, spicy salami, black olives, mozzarella and parsley.

Gnocchi with ragn 'Bolognese

Home made Potato & quotGnocchi & quot with pork and beef ragout

Small Dishes


Toasted bread, burrata, arugula and extra virgin olive oil. Excellent with white wine Benede ', or, Regaleali.

Caponata with croutons

Chopped fried eggplant and celery seasoned with sweetened vinegar with olives, celery, capers, onions and tomato. Excellent with red wine Etna Rosso or Perricone Feudo Montoni.

Stuffed Artichoke

Whole artichoke stuffed with bread crumbs, Parmesan, garlic and parsley. Excellent with a White wine, Benede 'or Inzolia

Parmesan Eggplant Timballo

Eggplant Parmigiana timbale with mozzarella and Parmigiano cheese, basil and tomato sauce. Excellent with white wine, Innzolia, Anthilia or Benede '.

Veal meatballs

Organic veal meat-ball, tomato sauce and melted Ragusano dop. Excellent with a red wine, Etna Rosso, Perricone or Gulfi Cerasuolo di Vittoria

Involtini Alla Siciliana

Roasted pork loin rolled with mix cured meat, smoked mozzarella and roasted tomato.

Olives & quotCunsate & quot

Mix marinated olives, garlic, oregano, celery and parsley.

Panelle frying with ali-oli sauce

Fried chickpea served with agli-oli 'sauce. Excellent with a white wine Inzolia or Benede '

Octopus carpaccio

Mediterranean octopus carpaccio, with orange, fennel, Moroccan olives salad and & quotsalmoriglio & quot sauce.


Buffalo mozzarella, sirloin tomato and basil. Excellent with 'Purato Rose' wine

Bruschetta Classica

Roasted bread with garlic, olive oil, tomato and basil.Excellent with a White wine Brut Spumante Grillo

Carpaccio di Bresaola

Cured beef, lemon, olive oil, arugula and shaved Parmesan. Excellent with a Red wine nero D'avola Sedara


Arancina Norma

Tomato rice ball stuffed with eggplant, mozzarella, basil and served over fresh ricotta sauce.

Arancina Ragu '

Saffron rice ball stuffed with bolognese meat sauce, green peas, mozzarella and served over tomato sauce.

Seppi Black Orange

Squid ink risotto rice ball filled with spicy shrimp and dry tomato ragu.

Butter orange

Saffron rice ball stuffed with mozzarella, Italian ham, light béchamel


Pantyhose salad with belly

Olive oil cured fatty tuna filet in extra virgin olive oil, green beans, cherry tomato, capers, potato, & quotNocellara & quot olives, red onions, celery, oregano and red wine vinaigrette.

Dried Fruits and Gorgonzola

Mixed salad, tomatoes, roasted peppers, Gorgonzola cheese, mixed dried fruit, walnuts and balsamic dressing.

Arugula and Parmesan cheese

Rucola, peer bosh caramelized walnuts, shaved Parmigiano and balsamic vinegar.

The pizza

Pizza Norma

Tomato, mozzarella, basil, eggplant and ricotta salted cheese.

Pizza & quotRianata & quot (origanata)

Typical from Trapani: Fresh candy tomatoes, anchovies, garlic, parsley, pecorino cheese and oregano.

Pizza Margherita

Typical Neapolitan: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, EVO and basil.

Pizza Napoletana

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, oregano and basil.

Whimsical Pizza

Tomato sauce, Italian ham, & quotCardoncelli & quotmushrooms, artichoke hearts, Moroccan olives, mozzarella and parsley.

Pizza Ortolana

Eggplant, roasted peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and mozzarella.

Cooked Pizza and Mushrooms

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, white mushrooms and cooked ham.

Pizza Ham & Arugula

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, shaved Parmesan cheese, arugula and aged Parma ham.

Pizza Trifoliate mushrooms and Porchetta

Our roasted porchetta, with roasted mix mushrooms, mozzarella and provolone, red onions.

4 Pizza Cheeses

Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, ricotta, Parmesan cheese and basil.

Pizza Diavola

Tomato sauce, 'nduja calabrese, spicy salami, black olives, mozzarella and parsley.

Pizza Cart

Mozzarella, our homemade sausage and broccoli rabe.

Tuna pizza

Fresh candy tomatoes, olive oil cured tuna, onions, mozzarella, capers, black olives, parsley and oregano.

Porcini mushroom pizza

Fresh Italian porcini mushroom, caciocavallo Ragusano, colonnata lard, mozzarella and oregano.

Meat rolls in gravy with grain or olives

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • 3 slices of veal cut in half
  • 1/2 red Tropea onion
  • 300 ml of tomato puree
  • Olive oil
  • grated grain qb
  • Salt and pepper
  • Fresh oregano
  • Some pitted black olives


Let the sauce cook immediately. In a saucepan put olive oil, chopped onion, simmer a little and add the sauce, add water if it is too thick, season with salt and cook over low heat after boiling.

Now prepare the rolls, cut the slices in half if they are too long, beat them with a whisk, season with salt and pepper and massage. Let's make each slice, or half a slice with Parmesan cheese, or if you want with pitted olives, I used typical Calabrian monastic olives, they are also widely used olives for salads, such as Greek salads, I know there are in other regions, but they I assume different names.

We can stuff a little with parmesan cheese, a little with olives and we all put a little oregano leaves, I had it fresh, it tastes more delicate than the dried one, because oregano releases the oils. essential, very fragrant, just with drying. If you do not want to use oregano, you can use thyme, marjoram.

Video recipe for meat rolls in sauce

Roll up the slices and close the meat rolls at the ends with 2 toothpicks, one on each side.

Let's immediately cook the meat rolls in the sauce that is already boiling, at least we'll have to leave them for a while, but if they stay a little longer it's even better, so the meat becomes very soft.

We serve the meat rolls with the sauce to accompany an excellent first course of pasta with the sauce, the sauce of the rolls of course, I combined a plate of strozzapreti, fresh pasta typical of southern Italy, very good.

We can also cook the rolls in sauce in a different way, with the classic Apulian recipe, first browning the rolls that we blend with the wine, and then we add the tomato puree to them, I prepared them in the recipe video with my grandmother's recipe Calabrese.

Rolls to the Norm

Well, I called them that, Norma rolls, to name a very famous dish, but they are certainly a different thing, and although the ingredients are equivalent I do not know why this dish has a very different taste. It will be for the egg noodles, it will be for the baking. What I know is that every time I present them to the table and there are new guests they always remain open-mouthed. & # 8220This is really a & # 8230! & # 8221 I was told a few nights ago, triggering the general hilarity. I really recommend trying them, it's definitely worth it!

& # 8211 two large round aubergines
150 g of fresh egg noodles
& # 8211 rustic tomato puree
& # 8211 oil evo qb
& # 8211 parmesan cheese qb
& # 8211 seed oil for frying
& # 8211 50 g ca of salted ricotta (optional)
& # 8211 a bunch of fresh basil
& # 8211 a clove of garlic

Cut the aubergines into equal slices about a cm thick (I use the slicer, I make them first and I'm not mistaken) and fry them in seed oil. Let them dry on a paper towel or similar. Meanwhile, prepare a simple tomato and basil sauce with oil, garlic, puree (or fresh tomatoes, of course), boil the noodles al dente and season with the sauce.
Then prepare rolls with putting a fork of already seasoned noodles in each slice of eggplant. Arrange in a baking dish and sprinkle with a mixture of grated Parmesan cheese and ricotta. Garnish with a few basil leaves and bake at 200 ° for 15 minutes, until a nice crust has formed. Let rest for a few minutes before serving. By mouth watering & # 8230 we bet?

Rolls to the norm - Recipes

Mix marinated olives, garlic, oregano, celery, parsley

Eggplant, celery green olives, cappers, onions and tomato, sweet and savor seasoned, roasted almonds, bread crostini

Roasted Bread, with garlic, olive oil, tomato, basil

Fried chickpea & oil-sauce sauce

Bread, burrata, arugula, olive oil

Bread, burrata, arugula, olive oil

Eggplant parmigiana timbale with mozzarella and parmigiano cheese, basil, tomato sauce

Organic veal meat-ball, tomato sauce, melted Ragusano dop

Roasted pork loin rolled with mix cured meat and smoked mozzarella, roasted tomato

Cured beef, lemon, olive oil, arugula, shaved parmesan

Mediterranean octopus carpaccio, with orange, fennel, moroccan olives salad and “salmoriglio” sauce

Buffalo mozzarella, sirloin tomato, basil, extra virgin olive oil



Tomato rice ball stuffed with eggplant, mozzarella, basil, served over fresh ricotta sauce

Saffron rice ball stuffed with Bolognese meat sauce, green peas, served over tomato sauce

Saffron rice ball stuffed with mozzarella, Italian ham, light béchamel

Squid ink risotto rice ball filled with spicy shrimp ragu ’

Sauteed pasta

Sauteed pasta

Our imported from Trapani busiate Campo & # 8221 pasta with fresh tomato, organic basil, Sicilian garlic, Sicilian’s almond “Biancolilla”, extra v. Olive oil

Paccheri from Gragnano with fresh tomato and garlic sauce, basil, eggplant, pecorino & amp ricotta salata cheese

Home made linguine with fresh tomato, garlic, basil, parmesan cheese

Home made fettucine with sautèed fresh imported porcini mushrooms, truffled extra virgin olive oil, parsley

Baked pasta

Baked pasta

“Ring” shaped pasta baked in wood oven, with beef ragu ’, green peas, eggplant, basil, Italian ham and pecorino cheese

“Setaro” guitar spaghetti, fresh Portuguese sardines, wild fennel, pine nuts, racine, saffron

Wide, flat-shaped pasta with, meat ragout, pork sausage



Tomato, mozzarella, basil, eggplant, ricotta salted cheese

Fresh candy tomatoes, anchovies, garlic, parsley, pecorino cheese, oregano

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil

Tomato sauce, cherry tomato, mozzarella, basil

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, oregano, basil

Tomato sauce, Italian ham, extra virgin olive oil cured Cardoncelli mushrooms & artichoke hearts, moroccan olives, mozzarella, parsley

Eggplant, roasted peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, mozzarella

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, Italian cooked ham

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, shaved parmesan, arugula, parma ham

Our roasted porchetta, mix sautéed mushrooms, mozzarella, provolone cheese, red onions, fennel pollen

Mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta, stacchino, basil

Tomato sauce, ‘nduja Calabrese, spicy salami, black olives mozzarella, parsley

Mozzarella, our made sausage, broccoli rabe

Cherry tomatoes, olive oil cured tuna, onions, mozzarella, cappers, black olives, parsley, oregano

Mozzarella, pistachio & arugula’s pesto, mortadella, stracciatella

Cherry tomato, arugula, bresaola, stracciatella

Fresh Italian porcini mushroom, caciocavallo Ragusano, colonnata lard, mozzarella, truffle oil



Olive oil cured fatty tuna filet in extra virgin olive oil, green beans, cherry tomato, capers, potato, Nocellara olives, red onions, celery, oregano, red wine vinaigrette

Mixed salad, tomatoes, roasted peppers, gorgonzola cheese, mixed dried fruit, walnuts, balsamic dressing

Arugula, pear bosh caramelized walnuts shaved parmesan, balsamic vinegar

Sicilian rolls

This is a classic featuring veal, with a delicious balance of sweet, salty and freshness. It’s a great dish to experiment with as they can be made with veal, beef, swordfish or even aubergine with different fillings. It’s perfect for a starter, light lunch or snack.


To prepare the filling, place your raisins in hot water and leave to soak, chop the red onion finely and sauté in olive oil until sweet and caramelized.

In a food processor add the almonds and blitz, then add your cheese, cooked red onion and breadcrumbs into the mixer and blitz. Loosen the mix with the olive oil. You don’t want the mix too loose but not too compact either. Season with salt.

To assemble take your veal (which can also be replaced with pork or chicken) and flatten out with a rolling pin until around 0.5cm in thickness, take your filling and spread lightly over the veal, rolling the veal up into an Involtini and then skewing in-between a slice of red onion and fresh bay leaf.

Heat a heavy based frying pan with sunflower oil and cook the Involitini until golden on both sides and place in a preheated oven at 180 degrees celsius for 5-7 minutes until the veal is thoroughly cooked in the center.

Eggplant and spaghetti rolls alla Norma

The one we are going to offer you below & egrave a very good recipe, Sicilian doc, or the eggplant and spaghetti rolls to Norma. A crazy dish of those that are not easily forgotten. To show us how to make Ropa55 that reveals all the tricks to do them in a perfect way. This recipe can be served as a starter or why not as a delicious finger food, which will be much appreciated by your guests. Try the recipe and let us know if you liked it!

If you love Sicilian dishes then, we invite you to try the caponata: a must-see!

Trinacria rolls, the homage to the Cascino Masters

Ricette Donna Nuzza pays homage to the cuisine of Francesco Paolo Cascino, a star of Sicilian gastronomy who has been able to innovate by combining the great French school with tradition, with a revisitation of single-serving pasta

C & # 8217era and c & # 8217 is still an excellent signature of the island's cuisine, that of the Masters Cascino.
True stars of the restaurant that have made an invaluable contribution to the history of Sicilian cuisine and our land, giving it luster in contexts and with fairytale characters.
In particular Francesco Paolo Cascino It was an institution on the international scene, recognized as one of the greatest chefs in the world.
Ancestors of the contemporary Sicilian school, have been able to innovate by combining the great French school with the cuisine of tradition and the Monsù, and capturing the best of new cousin.
There's a lot to tell, so it's best to suggest this link to their page.

Many dishes of the Italian tradition contain in the title a specification on the territory, on a Sacred feast or a Saint. And there was a time when dishes were baptized into a dedication, this was the work of great chefs who gave international notoriety to a dish, as well as house chefs with a local but intense reputation.
Today, as in the sixteenth century, the title of the dish is descriptive because it contains the list of ingredients and techniques with which it is prepared: it contrasts with the mystery the clarity of intent, aimed at giving value to the dish and reassuring patrons, shortening the distances between the high and the low kitchen.
But once upon a time in a dish was the scene culture, art, literature, history in short, evocation and homage dominated her in the appellation which, if used with honest purpose, did not remove the substance but exalted it, giving an important and valuable role to the imagination and originality. In this perspective, I believe that it is necessary to look at the lexicon chosen by the Cascino Masters for many of their masterpieces.
“[…] Also in order with precision and technique. In the packaging of the recipes, in the choice of the most relevant and evocative language (the wonderful titles of certain dishes & # 8230) Nobbio joined Paolo Cascino, ie the greatest expert in Sicilian gastronomy and one of the greatest chefs in the world […] raw materials, aromas, drugs, forms express and interpret the joyful secrets of the island, its civilization, the collection of peoples and races that over the centuries have left images, tastes and signs ”(by Alfredo Ferruzza sua about & # 8220Sicilian cuisine: manual for the restaurant and the house. By Claudio Nobbio with the collaboration of Francesco Paolo Cascino & # 8221)

So how not to remember theAli Pasha, arrived on his 64th birthday! The semifreddo created by weather in Cascino brothers who has traveled the world entering the menus of every fashionable, classy, ​​popular restaurant: that is it's perfect with almonds (in the original recipe, by Avola caramellate) with hot chocolate.
Such an appellation is enough to make you lose in curiosity even before in taste, which must be sublime to honor that name. It is still sublime when they prepare it in Monreale, in the historic family restaurant. And it was sublime when I ate it as a child at their banquets. In my imagination as a child Weather in Cascino it was a real one standing, like the ones that won me over in the movies or on television, because it was this name that raged for everyone happy event: many times I had the pleasure of enjoying their cuisine, because we are many in the family and there were many weddings, baptisms, communions that took place & # 8201 with the master Francesco Paolo still alive. Although I was really small, I was already a glutton and a gourmet, I was not part of that circle of children who were served cutlets and chips.

From event to event the dishes were always impeccable, even those that were often repeated and never tired just like Grandma's dishes for Sunday lunches: you look forward to them and then it's a triumph, always. Here, with the due differences of course, their cuisine for me was as sublime as my grandmother's. Those menus were an expression of a style, they were the result of great talent and skill, deep competence, sincere love and extreme care.
Among the dishes of those banquets was the simplicity of the tradition made poetry: the Trinacria rolls.
I confess that this name is a memory that could turn out to be wrong, but it is imprinted in my photographic memory: in front of my eyes materialize those menus that I always took away as souvenir.
So I risk and decide to provide it as a given, because I am too fond of this memory and the kitchen of the Masters Cascino.
Especially since my mother consults the book by Francesco Paolo as a sacred text, a jewel that cannot be found today, the cover of which reads as follows: "Sicilian cuisine, 121 dishes of a certain tradition in the recipes of a great chef who has given international notoriety to Sicilian cuisine".
A real Palermo pride! It is a pleasure to read it and reproduce the recipes.

Ingredients for Donna Nuzza trinacria rolls

But we come to the dish that over the years has become family and as often happens in the family sometimes you do it in a way and other times you change, and try and try again comes the version that most convinces you without ever exceeding that of Maestro.
A dish very well known and reported by various recipes: but this name amplifies the colors and scents of our land and our summer, and a little & # 8217 brings to mind the Marineview from the hotel Trinacria, and the immense size of those pages Gattopardian.
These rolls are a revisited version of the Pasta allaNorm.The simplicity of tradition wins because it conquers immortality.

Here is my attempt, sincere and full of gratitude, to pay homage to a great name of our beloved land that has helped to make its culture immortal, and that has given me so much water in my mouth and so many dreams.

Ingredients for 6 rolls
2 local aubergines (black ones, with the thorniest stem and the bitterest pulp)
About 3 kg of cherry tomatoes (or 400 ml of ready-made puree)
½ thinly sliced ​​white onion
1 clove of peeled garlic
an abundant handful of clean basil
100 gr of grated salted ricotta (but even more!)
100 gr of fresh chopped caciocavallo (optional but it is also good vastedda smoked)
oil evo
salt, pepper and sugar q.b.
100 g of spaghetti drawn in bronze, rough

Trinacria rolls by Donna Nuzza

First prepare the aubergines. One thick slice for a long time, you have to make 6 slices the other cut it into cubes. And with the ends of the aubergines obtained a julienne. Sprinkle with salt and place in a colander, placing a weight on top to drain from their liquid vegetation.
Meanwhile, put the in a pot cherry tomato, pulito e spaccato a metà (va bene anche se lo lasciate intero aprendolo accelerate l’estrazione di succhi e polpa) alternatelo con le fette di cipolla e aggiungete l’aglio. Mettete il coperchio e ponete su fuoco basso dopo una ventina di minuti dovrebbe già cominciare a sobbollire. Lasciate andare ancora per dieci minuti circa, togliete l’aglio e qualche fetta di cipolla e passate tutto il resto al passaverdure.
Trasferite la salsa in una pentola e portate a ebollizione per pochi minuti regolate di sale, zucchero (per mitigare l’acidità) e pepe. Aggiungete un filo d’olio a crudo e appena fredda qualche foglia di basilico spezzettata con le mani.
Ora trasferite le melanzane su uno strofinaccio e poggiatevene un altro sopra questa operazione servirà per asciugarle e rendere perfetta la vostra frittura, a patto che l’olio (rigorosamente extravergine d’oliva) sia abbondante e ben caldo.
Ovviamente procederete con tre fritture diverse perché ogni taglio ha tempi diversi di cottura. Ponetele su apposita carta per tamponare l’unto in eccesso. Cuocete gli spaghetti e scolateli (non troppo asciutti) a metà tempo di cottura. Riservate un po’ di salsa per guarnire gli involtini.
Condite la pasta con il resto della passata, con i tocchetti di melanzane e la maggior parte della ricotta. Se volete aggiungete il formaggio a tocchetti.

Con l’aiuto di cucchiaio e forchetta prelevate gli spaghetti creando dei piccoli nidi, posizionateli sulle fette di melanzane che avvolgerete su se stesse poggiate gli involtini con l’apertura sul fondo di una pirofila.
Guarniteli con la salsa lasciata da parte, foglie di basilico e il resto della ricotta salata.
Infornate a 180° (statico) per una decina di minuti e servite, magari decorando il piatto con la julienne di melanzane.
Se non vi va di preparare la passata potete sempre rivolgervi a quelle già pronte, devo dire che in commercio ve ne sono di buone.
Quando proverete gli Involtini Trinacria non potrete più farne a meno. Piatto estivo perfetto, semplice e intensa poesia.

Spero tanto di aver reso delicatamente onore ai Maestri.
Buon appetito da Donna Nuzza, nel segno dell’antica tradizione e del calore famigliare.

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Food and wine route

Sicilian cuisine is famous all over the world for its mixture of aromas, ingredients and flavours. A culinary tradition inherited from different people that dominated Sicily in different period. A delicious variety of dishes await you, therefore, to delight your palate and discover the history of our country also at the table.

The traditional fish or meat grill flavoured with various herbs, as well as the green and black olives, the ricotta salata and the honey go back to the days of the Greek colonies in Sicily when the echo of the banquets of tyrants of Syracuse and Agrigento came up in Athens.

The wine, produced from the already famous Sicilian vineyards, accompanied all the dishes. In Sicily and in the province of Agrigento D.O.C wines are still produced, white and red wines, known and popular throughout the world. Over the Greek and Roman heritage, the major contributions to Sicilian cuisine come from three people: Arab, French and Spanish.

The Arabs introduced the sweet-and-sour cooking, eggplant, raisins, saffron and spices, rice, chickpeas, pistachios, sugar cane, Almond nougat, cinnamon, candied fruit, Marzipan, citrus, fruit sorbets.

We owe to the French the use of sauces, cakes, rollò of meat, meatballs, ragu, while the Spanish introduced in Sicilian cuisine tomatoes, potatoes, use of breading, the omelets, the sponge cake and chocolate.

From the creative re-composition of this inheritance we have many delicious Sicilian dishes: caponata di melanzane, pasta alla norma, pasta con le sarde, frittata di fave, peas or broccoli, fish soups, involtini di pesce, pizza, sfincioni, arancini, panelle, just to name a few. The triumph of Sicilian cuisine is the pastry: cakes, desserts and pastries made with ricotta cheese, chocolate, fruit, almonds, pistachios and honey into a thousand pieces and colours.

The Sicilian pastry is so rich to deserve almost an entire chapter to itself. We only mention the cassata, cannoli, torta sette veli, torroni, pasticcini alla mandorla, ricci al pistacchio, biscotti al sesamo, buccellati, granite di frutta and ice cream in different flavours.
You can taste some of these delicious dishes and sweets in our Restaurant or follow our tempting suggestions.

The Hotel Kore's Reception staff will be pleased to offer you all indications and suggestions to make this route.


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