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Taste Test: The Definitive Ranking of 12 Cheerios Flavors

Taste Test: The Definitive Ranking of 12 Cheerios Flavors

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Cheerios are one of the most beloved cereals on the planet. For the first several decades of the cereal's existence, we were happy with just a couple varieties: original and Honey Nut, which was introduced in 1979. But in recent years there’s been an explosion of Cheerios varieties, and we took it upon ourselves to rank as many of them as we could get our hands on.

Taste Test: The Definitive Ranking of 12 Cheerios Flavors (Slideshow)

Ask anyone to name as many Cheerios variations as possible, and they’ll most likely run out of ideas after four or five (Team Cheerios don’t count; they stopped making those years ago). In reality, there are at least 16 flavors currently available: Original, Honey Nut, Multi Grain, Ancient Grains, Honey Nut Medley Crunch, Frosted, Apple Cinnamon, Fruity, Banana Nut, Multi Grain Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Multi Grain Dark Chocolate Crunch, Dulce de Leche, Cinnamon Burst, Protein Cinnamon Almond, and Protein Oats and Honey. We shopped around in the New York area and found every variety except for Dulce de Leche (which is only available at Publix, whose stores are limited to about half a dozen Southern states, according to the company), Cinnamon Burst, Protein Cinnamon Almond, and Protein Oats and Honey — and we put them all to the test.

In order to conduct our comparative tasting, we arranged bowls of each cereal around a table, and each taste tester was given his or herr own small bowl and spoon. We spooned a little of each cereal into our bowls, poured in some one-percent milk, and let each participant taste. Each cereal was given a score between 60 to 100, 100 being best, and we jotted down our thoughts, judging them on overall flavor as well as balance, sweetness, whether they taste as they’re advertised to taste, and how they stand up to (and flavor) the milk.

In the end, there were some clear winners and some clear also-rans. While all were tasty (when it comes to Cheerios, there are no duds), a few left us scratching our heads, while others rose to the top of the pack. Some are sweet, some aren’t, some are fruity, some aren’t, and some are composed of more than just little rings. Read on to learn about which Cheerios were our favorites.

#12 Honey Nut Medley Crunch (Average score: 72.3)

“Get these flakes outta my Cheerios!”
“It feels like someone ran out of cereals so they mixed two together to achieve a full bowl.”
“Not a good balance of flavors.”
“Tastes like a ‘healthy’ cereal from the 1990s.”

#11 Chocolate (Average score: 74.0)

“I’d much rather just have Cocoa Puffs.”
“Tastes like Swiss Miss powder mixed with cardboard.”
“It tastes like the same generic chocolate you find in all other chocolate cereals, but at least it makes the milk taste like chocolate milk.”

This article was originally published March 19, 2015.

A Definitive Ranking of Cheddar Cheese Crackers

There's something instantly nostalgic about a cheddar cheese cracker. As kids, they were the surprise treat in our lunch boxes, and now they're the perfect salty snack to get through a long day at the office. Even though there is one brand that we associate most with cheese crackers—it. rhymes with Schmeez Schmidts—there are at least 10 more on grocery store shelves waiting to be eaten by the handful.

For the good of the people, Bon Appétit staffers did just that, sampling 11 different types of cheddar cheese crackers to crown the winner. We measured in highly scientific terms, like "Does this fit your platonic ideal of a cheese cracker?" and "Could you eat an entire box in one sitting?" Salt levels and cheesiness were also studied—but scoring an "A" in our book wasn't about modest, balanced flavor. We wanted extreme cheese, salt, crunch, and addictive craveability that made us want to eat them by the handful. (We each drank a gallon of water afterward.) Here's how they stacked up.

I was really looking forward to trying this new Corn Nuts flavor, but I must say I was pretty disappointed by it. As soon as I popped one in my mouth, I was overwhelmed by the pungent aroma of strong white cheddar cheese. I &apos m normally a fan of cheese, but here it completely overpowered the neutral taste of the corn nut. Though the heat of the jalapeño does give it a nice kick—making this the spiciest Corn Nut by far—it &apos s not enough to lift it from the bottom slot. Something tells me that the flavor powder would taste a lot better on popcorn or a chip.

The barely-flavored Original Corn Nuts may sound like they &apos d be pretty boring, but they &apos re surprisingly tasty. With only three ingredients on the package—corn, corn oil and salt—it &apos s the most straightforward of the flavors, and it allows the earthy, crunchy taste of the Corn Nut to shine through. It &apos s like snacking on extra-crunchy popcorn, and I &apos d much rather eat it than the Jalapeño Cheddar flavor.

The definitive ranking of the best Timbits—but would your kid agree?

Chocolate glazed? Honey cruller? Or maybe birthday cake? Chatelaine staffers ate a whole bunch of Timbits to crown the best one.

Amy Grief, Chatelaine November 9, 2017

Photo: Courtesy of Chatelaine

Nothing says road trip like a double-double and a box of Timbits. But when Tim Hortons’ iconic cardboard box lands in front of you, which mini-doughnut should you reach for first?

The answer’s not so clear cut—at least according to our esteemed colleagues at Chatelaine. While their Timbits Taste Test wasn’t so fancy as to be randomized or double-blind, they ate whole bunch of Canadian fried dough balls, and have strong opinions about them.

Why parents (and schools) shouldn't ban junk food Timbits first made their debut in 1976. Flavours vary across Canada, but the most common options include: birthday cake, sour cream glazed, toasted coconut, honey cruller, honey dip, apple fritter, strawberry-filled, chocolate glazed, old fashion plain, old fashion sugar and old fashion glazed.

After visiting three different Tim Hortons locations, they found most of these flavours (except toasted coconut and strawberry-filled), as well as some elusive varieties, such as Venetian cream. So which one came out on top? Spoiler alert: if you love old fashion plain, you won’t be happy with these results.

Here’s their totally subjective ranking, starting with the least popular.

Warning: there are some chunks of fruit skin in this one, which some tasters disliked and others applauded. "The texture and sweetness are juuuust right," noted one. "It's a delicious but unusual option," added another. While a single review noted the texture was a little "goopy."

"The little bloobs are such a treat!" wrote one tester. "You could put this in a pie crust if you were feeling lazy," a staffer suggested. It didn't have a super strong blueberry flavor, which makes sense for the subtle berry, but the preserves definitely had a lot of sweetness.

A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Gatorade Flavors

From the OG Fruit Punch to the new Lime-Cucumber flavor, we tested as many bottles as we could. Here's the official Delish Gatorade ranking. from worst to best, of course.

Let's get the meanest stuff out of the way. The staff likened this stuff to "pool water" and "if someone melted a blue Jolly Rancher in weird water, maybe." Oof.

Oh, oy, this one was bad too: "This is the worst thing I've ever tasted, and I am not dramatic." The color was described as "mind-bending" in a bad way. Which, uh, is not untrue.

The most searing of comments? "This is. fruit-ish water."

While most of the zero-calorie drinks ended up toward the top of the ranking (oops, spoiler alert, I guess), this twist on an old-school fav did not. "This is gross and watered down," one person wrote.

The flavor is pungent. And so, so, so sweet.

Arctic Blitz, like, actually upset people. Some thought it tasted like vitamins while others wrote about how they had no idea what was happening when they drank it.

The first of many instances where the color of the drink was upsetting to people. Lots of "WHY?" and "HOW?" questions here.

The lower-sugar version of Glacier Cherry somehow managed to avoid the sticky-sweet aftertaste that came with the original flavor. Nothing to write home about still, though.

Many preferred the other lemonade variation (more on that later), calling this one "sweeeeeeeeet" and "not really cute," whatever that means.

Though the color was off-putting to some, it tasted. "OK." Just OK. Nothing less, nothing more.

Here's where things start to get fun. This was the first flavor to bring up some pre-pubescent memories. Specifically, people recalled tasting Blue Cherry at soccer practice and at the nurse's office. Oh, but there was a mention of "cough syrupy-ness."

The original flavor is so beloved that the G-2 version didn't win over everyone. They still drank it all, though.

"Um, this is fine," one editor noted. Another waxed on about its perfume-y green fruit notes. So that about evens out?

Have you ever had something "cute-tasting?" That's what Green Apple Gatorade tastes like, apparently!

Some serious thirst-quenching going on here. Lots of "sports event" mentions as well. Gatorade! It's great!

Most were "pleasantly surprised" by the lightness of this drink: "Tastes like an ice pop&mdashyum."

Though many people commented this flavor tasted more like cherries than anything else, the agreed upon decision was that its a big hit for something that wasn't an original flavor.

An easy in to the top five. People reminisced about their first sips of Gatorade Cool Blue&mdashit brings back memories of high school, no?

While all Gatorades are flawless hangover cures, G-Zero Glacial Freeze is the hangover cure, we agreed. And what is Gatorade if not the ultimate hangover cure to end all hangover cures? Or whatever?

A cult classic. A "time machine right to high school." An "all-time fav."

Firstly, quite literally no one knew this flavor existed. Secondly, there was mass panic in the office the second I screwed the lid off. "That smells incredible," "did someone spray cucumber water?" and "holy shit, I want to mix all my drinks with this" was the consensus.

A Definitive Ranking Of LaCroix Flavors

We learned a lot during this experiment&mdashlike the fact that you can't judge a seltzer by its can alone. Case in point: BERRY. It's one of the prettiest seltzer cans ever. but one of the worst flavors. To rescue you from a similar fate, we forged ahead and tried all of La Croix's most popular flavors. Below is our official ranking.

Though this was the clear winner in the taste test, it was also the most controversial. "If you didn't black out on Malibu as a teenager, I can see why you'd like it," said one editor.

11. Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries

While Cap'n Crunch cereal dates back to 1963, it's been passed in popularity by Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries — and for good reason. Crunch Berries has all the yumminess of the original Cap'n Crunch but with fruity and equally as crunchy pieces added to the party. Unlike Fruity Pebbles, you can actually taste individual flavors in this cereal.

The only drawback with Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries is that it's a cereal that you will get bored of after a while. It's so sweet that there are only so many bowls of this stuff you can eat before you want to move onto something else. In fact, they made an Oops! All Berries version that just had the berries part and none of the golden pillows and it didn't last — presumably due to an overload of sweetness. Even if you have an overactive sweet tooth, eventually this cereal will have it waving a white flag.

The Definitive Ranking Of All Pop-Tarts Flavors ·

You may think that strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon are the most beloved Pop-Tarts flavors, but there are so many more to try that it may be tough to pick the best.

And did you know that there are actually 19 flavors?

Here’s a complete list that ranks them all from the best on down to #19.

1.Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart – the classic everyone seems to love

2.Cookies & Creme Pop-Tart – basically an Oreo for your toaster

3.Pretzel Cinnamon Sugar Pop Tart – sweet and salty version of the brown sugar cinnamon flavor

4.Frosted S’Mores Pop Tart – like a S’Mores frapp and a lot less messy

5.Frosted Fudge Pop-Tart – chocolate on chocolate so you can’t lose on this one

6.Hot Fudge Sundae Pop-Tart – the perfect combination of cream and chocolate

7.Strawberry Pop-Tart – more filling than the frosted version which means more flavor

8.Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tart – the classic, still in the top 10

9.Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Pop-Tart – more like the Oreo Pop-Tart with vanilla flavoring

10.Frosted Raspberry Pop-Tart – comes the closest to tasting like the actual fruit

11.Frosted Blueberry Pop-Tart – misses the top 10 because of its non-authentic flavor

12.Frosted Chocolate Chip Pop-Tart – not much frosting and tastes more like a chocolate chip cookie

13.Confetti Cupcake Pop-Tart – extra sugary with a heavy vanilla frosting flavor

14.Frosted Chocolatey Churro Pop-Tart – didn’t measure up to the taste of either

15.Frosted Cherry Pop-Tart – have you ever used cherry chapstick? There you have it

16.Frosted Wild Berry Pop-Tart – a cartoonish look and a medicinal flavor

17.Strawberry Milkshake Pop-Tart – some claim it’s better frozen than toasted

18.Mer-Mazing Blue Raspberry Pop-Tart – just really doesn’t make sense

19.Froot Loops Pop-Tart – mashed up Froot Loops in a paste and it comes in last

It’s time to start your own personal Pop-Tart taste test and see if you agree!

Final Thoughts

Next time you’re stuck in the medicine/nutritionalist/vitamin/power bar aisle at the grocery store (or Whole Foods) deliberating over these semi-healthy nuggets, remember the rank, grab your bar and go…

"Embrace the elements." (Or not).

"Change your altitude." (Note: this is not Clif Bar encouraging you to go get high).

Aren’t sick of energy bars yet? Check out these articles:

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