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‘A Mouthful of Stars’: Recipes from Around the Globe

‘A Mouthful of Stars’: Recipes from Around the Globe

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Kim Sunée recounts her travels, and the dishes that shine like bright stars throughout them

Roast pork tacos al pastor (pork marinated in chiles and cooked rotisserie-style) is just one of the delicious recipes in Kim’s new cookbook.

One part travel memoir, one part cookbook, Kim Sunée’s new cookbook A Mouthful of Stars: A Constellation of Favorite Recipes from my World Travels brilliantly demonstrates the truth that “no matter how far we roam, food can always give us a sense of home.” The recipes she includes are not what she considers the best dishes of a particular region or cuisine, but rather ones that “stand out, like bright points of light — shining stars” to help her piece together points in her personal history.

Kim Sunée’s story makes stops in places like Seoul, North Africa, Paris, and Italy, sharing delicious recipes along the way. Her Roast Pork Tacos from Mexico remind her of her first trip to a Tex-Mex restaurant at the age of four, Pan-Seared Salmon with Pistachio-Herb Gremolata of time spent in Scandinavia after completing her studies in the South of France, and Creamy Zucchini Skillet Cornbread of growing up in the Louisiana Bayou.

A perfect continuation of her first cookbook Trail of Crumbs: Hunger, Love, and the Search for Home, A Mouthful of Stars will leave you hungering for a taste of these recipes and for the meaning embedded in your own food and cooking.

Kim Sunée is a national best-selling author, former editor for Southern Living and Cottage Living magazines, and her writing has appeared in Food & Wine magazine and The New York Times. To buy a copy of Kim Sunée’s newest cookbook, click here.

Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal's Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.

24 Classic Greek Recipes

Ask someone about Greek food, and some version of all or most of these dishes will be mentioned.

From simple grilled foods and vegetable dishes to rich layered casseroles and delicate pastries, Greek food is a wonderful mix of dishes that appeal to all tastes. The traditions of healthy country cooking have been expanded over the centuries, and today, Greece is famous for a diverse range of family meals, holiday foods, and elaborate presentation dishes.

The list could be longer (think lemon chicken, chickpeas, and more), but this is a good start.

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Our 50 Best Sandwiches from Around the World

From the New Orleans oyster loaf to Vietnam’s banh mi, our best sandwich recipes showcase a world of innovation between two slices of bread.

Todd Coleman

The best sandwiches don’t happen by accident: You’ve got to balance moisture and crunch, weigh condiments against main components, choose bread that will make each element shine, then construct it all so that every bite delivers something far greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether stuffed with meat, eggs, cheese, or vegetables, the sandwich transcends borders, uniting cultures, peoples, and cuisines. Take, for example, Cuba’s medianoche sandwich with roast pork, ham, and Swiss cheese on a sweet egg loaf, and Vietnam’s banh mi with Chinese-style barbecue pork, fresh cucumbers, and mayo on French bread.The South’s pimento cheese, and Turkey’s kumru, a briny grilled cheese with sucuk sausage, spicy pickles, and tomatoes on a sesame roll. The world’s best sandwiches have much in common.

Chief among their shared traits? Ease. Even the most “gourmet” sandwiches remain grab-and-go food, and infinitely adaptable. Need a few new ideas for sandwiches? We’ve sliced our list of favorites down to the 50 essential sandwich recipes to try now. Feel free to follow the rules, or break them as your preference, pocketbook, and pantry allow. Your lunch (and breakfast) game will never be the same.

An oyster loaf served unadorned, the way Joe Casamento insisted it should be. Get the recipe for Casamento’s Fried Oyster Loaf Sandwich » Pickled daikon and carrots, thinly sliced cucumbers and jalapeños, and fresh cilantro add crunch and color to this iconic sandwich.

Beet Smorrebrod

Pretty in pink beet smørrebrød

Waffle Sandwiches with Cecina, Avocado, and Arugula

Gooey cheese, salty cured meat, and avocado are pressed between crispy waffles at a modern café in Paris. Get the recipe for Waffle Sandwiches with Cecina, Avocado, and Arugula »

Roast Chicken Pan Bagnat with Olive Tapenade and Goat Cheese

This hearty twist on the classic Provençal pressed sandwich pan bagnat combines black olive tapenade, goat cheese, roasted chicken, and thinly sliced vegetables. Make it at least two to three hours before you plan to serve it to really let the flavors marry. Get the recipe for Roast Chicken Pan Bagnat with Olive Tapenade and Goat Cheese » A riot of colors and flavors, this banh mi pairs smoky grilled chicken with creamy, cooling avocado.

Smørrebrød of Eggs, Shrimp, and Dill

Shrimp, Egg, and Dill Smørrebrød » Cherry tomatoes are tossed with canned sardines here, along with fresh oregano, olives, capers, and a red wine vinaigrette. The whole thing is layered with thin slices of heirloom tomato between slabs of focaccia. Thin strips of cucumber and hand-torn leaves of fresh basil are the perfect foils for smoky-sweet grilled pork in these hearty sandwiches.

New Jersey Pork Roll Meatball Sub

Two great New Jersey tastes that taste great together: juicy meatballs fortified with New Jersey pork roll (a.k.a. Taylor ham). Get the recipe for New Jersey Pork Roll Meatball Sub » Salmon Gravlax, Apple, and Crispy Kale Smørrebrød »

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich with Horseradish Cream and Radicchio

This sandwich is Mile End Deli’s Eli Sussman’s fun take on the fried chicken classic the horseradish cream offsets the bitterness of the radicchio and the richness of the schnitzel nicely. Get the recipe for Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich with Horseradish Cream and Radicchio »

Open-Faced Rye, Poached Red Snapper, Pickled Radish, and Salsa Verde Sandwich

Open Faced Rye, Poached Red Snapper, Pickled Radish, and Salsa Verde Sandwich, Tasmania

Roman Braised Beef with Tomato and Onion (Picchiapò)

Beloved throughout modern trattorias and osterias in Rome, this simple, rustic dish of shredded beef braised in tomatoes and onions make a great stew and a fantastic sandwich filling. Get the recipe for Roman Braised Beef with Tomato and Onion (Picchiapò) »

Calf’s Liver, Caramelized Onion, and Tomato Sandwiches

In this classic Roman sandwich, thin strips of calf’s liver are seared, then mixed with sweet caramelized onions and tomatoes and piled on toasted ciabatta rolls. Get the ready for Calf’s Liver, Caramelized Onion, and Tomato Sandwiches »

Burrata and Marinated Cherry Tomato Sandwiches

Burrata and Marinated Cherry Tomato Sandwiches

Porchetta Sandwiches with Marinated Onions and Salsa Verde

Get the recipe for Porchetta Sandwiches with Marinated Onions and Salsa Verde »

Pecorino, Parsley, and Anchovy Sandwiches

Get the recipe for Pecorino, Parsley, and Anchovy Sandwiches »

Classic Louisville Hot Brown Sandwich

Classic Louisville Hot Brown Sandwich

The Schimmel Reuben Sandwich

Pressing down on this sandwich with a spatula while it toasts in the pan is the key to achieving the outer crispness and well-melted cheese that you want in a Reuben. Pile the meat on generously but not more than an inch or two thick or else the interior won’t get sufficiently warmed. Get the recipe for The Schimmel Reuben Sandwich »

South African Grilled Cheese (Braaibroodjie)

The Ultimate Fried Chicken Sandwich

Raegan Steinberg, co-owner of Arthur’s Nosh Bar in Montreal’s hip Saint-Henri neighborhood, calls her partner chef Alex Cohen an “everything and the kitchen sink kind of cook.” Called the McArthur Sandwich, this high-piled schnitzel-filled creation adapted from the restaurant is the perfect example of his genius. Pounded and breaded chicken is topped with sweet honey, salty dill pickles, and vinegar-y iceberg slaw, then served upon crispy challah toast. The secret to the crunchy yet hearty schnitzel breading: instant mashed potato flakes mixed into the breadcrumbs. Get the recipe for The Ultimate Fried Chicken Sandwich »

Turkish Grilled Cheese (Kumru)

This specialty of Çesme, a small beach town in Turkey, is one of the world’s great grilled cheese sandwiches, in which the cheese itself is grilled before getting slipped into toasted bread with raw tomato and optional (but highly recommended) toppings of griddled sausage and pickled cucumbers and chiles. Get the recipe for Turkish Grilled Cheese »

Salvadoran Turkey Sandwich (Panes con Pavo)

Salvadoran Turkey Sandwich (Panes con Pavo)

Venetian Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches

These crisp mini-sandwiches are deep-fried and filled with molten cheese. Get the recipe for Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches »

Braised Brisket Burgers with Pimento Cheese

Brisket is braised in stout, bourbon, and soy sauce in these spicy pimento cheese-topped sliders from Edward Lee, executive chef at 610 Magnolia in Louisville, KY. Get the recipe for Braised Brisket Burgers with Pimento Cheese »

Cuban Medianoche Sandwich

With roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles, it’s almost identical to a Cuban sandwich, save for the bread, a sweet egg load that’s similar to challah. Get the recipe for Cuban Medianoche Sandwich »

Smoked Gouda and Apple Butter Sandwich

This combination is autumn on a slice of bread: sourdough spread with rich apple butter, topped with slices of mild smoked gouda and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt. Get the recipe for Smoked Gouda and Apple Butter Sandwich »

Trout “Reuben”

Chef Steven Brown uses pumpernickel rolls for this “punk rock sandwich with a $25 cleaning bill” but you could use any roll you like. Get the recipe for Trout “Reuben” »

Softshell Crab Sandwich with Slaw

A crisp collard slaw and tangy tartar and cocktail sauces top pan-fried softshell crabs in this classic sandwich. Get the recipe for Softshell Crab Sandwich with Slaw »

Chivito (Uruguayan Cheesesteak) Sandwich

Pork Roll Breakfast Sandwich

Pork Roll Breakfast Sandwich

Alabama-Style Chicken Sandwiches with White Sauce

These hickory-smoked chicken sandwiches are served with a tangy, mayonnaise-based white sauce. Get the recipe for Alabama-Style Chicken Sandwiches with White Sauce »

Pork Schnitzel Sandwich

Bel-Air Club Sandwich

Slathered with herb aïoli and enriched with a pan-fried egg and Gruyère cheese, this turkey and ham club is a decadent version of the diner staple. Get the recipe for Bel-Air Club Sandwich »

Roast Beef Sandwich with Walnut Romesco

Walnut romanesco brings out the beefiness in this sandwich.

Pimento Cheese Sandwich with Homemade Pickles

Pimento Cheese Sandwich with Homemade Pickles

Fried Oyster Po’Boys with Kale and Tartar Sauce

Tomato Sandwich

This simple sandwich is a good way to use ripe summer tomatoes. Get the recipe for Tomato Sandwich »

Radish and Butter Sandwich

It’s très French to pair crisp, spicy radishes with softened, salted butter a thin-sliced baguette is the perfect vehicle. Get the recipe for Radish and Butter Sandwich »

Ricotta and Honey Sandwich

A dollop of ricotta on earthy-sweet oat bread is delicious add a drizzle of sourwood honey and it’s elevated to the exquisite. Get the recipe for Ricotta and Honey Sandwich »

Provençal Tuna Sandwich (Pan Bagnat)

This sandwich is effectively a salade niçoise on crusty bread. Get the recipe for Provençal Tuna Sandwich (Pan Bagnat) »

Pork Belly Gyro

By starting with a low cooking temperature and then switching to a high one, this pork belly with perfect texture. Get the recipe for Pork Belly Gyro »

Monte Cristo

This beautiful monster is a double-decker of Swiss cheese, ham, and chicken or turkey, battered, fried, and dusted with confectioners’ sugar, served with jelly on the side. Get the recipe for Monte Cristo »

Roasted Sweet Potato Sandwich with Rajas Salsa

Meaty sweet potatoes serve as the base for this vegetarian sandwich. Get the recipe for Roasted Sweet Potato Sandwich with Rajas Salsa »

Lexington Pulled Pork

In Lexington, North Carolina, pork shoulder is chopped and served with a tart tomato-based sauce. Get the recipe for Lexington Pulled Pork »

Lemon-Pepper Tuna Sandwich

Peppery arugula and zesty red onion are an ideal garnish for this flavorful, light, lemon-pepper tuna salad. Get the recipe for Lemon-Pepper Tuna Sandwich »

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich

The chicken in this sandwich gets dredged once in buttermilk and twice in flour, which ensures a crisp coating.

Fennel-Orange Tuna Sandwich

Tuna salad gets a sophisticated makeover with crème fraîche and fennel brightened by both orange zest and juice. Get the recipe for Fennel-Orange Tuna Sandwich »

Lemon-Caper Tuna Sandwich


An All-American Cheese From the Atomic Age

Straight out of sci-fi, this quirky Midwestern wheel is the product of radiation, mutant mold, and one Wisconsin scientist’s imagination.

The 6 Most Sadistic Dishes From Around The World

Most of you love a good steak or some fried chicken or, hell, both at the same time. And it's no secret that the life of an animal headed for the slaughterhouse isn't all smiles and happy songs.

But sometimes you run across a dish that requires that the animal not only be killed, but tortured in some horrifying and diabolical way first. Below are the dishes that prove that sometimes, cruelty can be delicious.

WARNING: Some disturbing images, particularly at #1.

Imagine you are in Japan. You want to make the best of the situation and experience some authentic Japanese cuisine, because your search for a middle school girl with D-cup breasts to spank you with a Hello Kitty paddle has proven fruitless so far.

You walk in to a sushi place and order the first thing that sounds appetizing. "Oh," you say to yourself, "Ikizukuri. What an appetizing jumble of Japanese sounding syllables." And just then, a scene of pure unspeakable horror unveils before your terrified eyes as the cook grabs a fish out of a tank and starts slicing it up while it flops around on the cutting board in front of you. Then he throws it on your plate, the fish still twitching and knocking around your side dishes.

"Ikizukuri" literally means "prepared alive" and it delivers on everything the name implies and explicitly states:

You can even choose your own fish for the kill, so if you're an asshole you can go for the one which seems happiest at the moment. The chef will then use his Matrix skills to partially gut and cut it up in mere seconds and serve it you. The trick here? He must cut the fish without killing it. With its heart exposed and beating, gills still working, trying to gasp for air and those last few seconds of pain-filled consciousness, staring at you with its slowly dying eyes which ask you in a fainting tone. "Why. . why. wh. y. w," your fish is ready for eating.

Pictured: A licensed Ikizukuri chef.

Often the chef will take the pieces he cut from the fish and "reassemble" them, like some nightmarish jigsaw puzzle. It might be considered quite spectacular from a culinary point of view, but thinking of it as some form of sick joke to taunt the fish is much more rewarding.

For an equally horrifying variation, the Chinese have Yin Yang Fish, which involves dipping the living fish into oil and frying it alive, but again just enough that it is still living right up until you plunge your fork into its terrified little face.


An ortolan bird is about six inches long and weighs just four ounces. It's olive green and yellow, with a touch of ruby here and there. Most people who look at them immediately want to keep ortolans as pets and give them funny un-bird like names, such as Jerry or Ginger.

Hello, Ginger!

Others want to torture and drown them for gluttonous needs of gourmets everywhere.

The recipe for ortolan is this: Capture the bird in the wild, blind it using a pair of pincers, stick it in a tight cage so it can't move, keep it on a diet of millet, grapes and figs until it reaches two to four times its normal size, and then drown it in a snifter of Armagnac. We are still undecided if the last part makes this whole dish gruesome or totally fucking sweet.

The secret to enjoying Ortolan is in the way you eat it. After roasting the bird for six to eight minutes, you cover your face with a napkin, place the whole bird inside your mouth, with only it's head and beak sticking out. and bite down.

The head falls into the napkin, while you slowly bite through Jerry's tiny bones, tiny muscles and even tinier innards. The finale comes when you bite through its lungs and stomach, releasing pockets of brandy into your mouth.

The covering your face with a napkin part is said to have been started by a priest, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, who did it to hide his gluttony from God. Though we'd think it probably also kept him from getting kicked out of multiple restaurants.


"Foie Gras" is a French dish meaning "fatty liver," and said liver comes from either ducks or geese. From the moment the ducks and geese are born they are allowed to frolic freely, feeding on grass as much as they want the poultry equivalent of a life-time ticket to Disneyland. Day after day the little ducklings and goslings run around, play grab-ass and eat until they can eat no more.

Then, they are taken to a dark room, put in little fowl coffins and force fed corn with fat until their livers reach six times their normal size.

When we searched "Foie Gras," this was one of the only results that didn't make us very sad.

Yes, the buttery texture of Foie Gras is achieved by sticking a long metal pipe down the bird's esophagus and pneumatically pumping a pound of a greasy corn mix directly into their digestive systems, which then gets deposited straight in their livers, thus expanding and saturating them with fat.

The birds are allowed to run around and indulge on grass when they are young, not to alleviate the farmer's guilt about what is to come, but to strengthen their esophagi so that they don't die during the food gun period, which can last two or three weeks (with two "meals" each day).

We thought if we made it a cartoon, it would look less cruel. Nope!

You might be surprised to know that both the ducks and the geese don't take too kindly to being orally probed and force fed corn. Therefore the preferred method of keeping the birds from struggling and exercising is by sticking them in little boxes where the little buggers can't spread their wings or even stand up.

At this point the ducks/geese are taken to slaughter, presumably being insulted the whole way.


Known also as Tofu Hell, Loach Hell, Pot Hell, Hell Boil (do you notice a pattern here?) and erroneously called "Baby Eel Tofu" in the West, the dish is a legendary Japanese delicacy consisting of baby Dojo loaches (small eel-like fish) and tofu. It's apparently inspired by the MTV show Punk'd. And the dark lord, Lucifer himself.

Your basic recipe for Tofu Hell is easy as baby kitten pie. You start boiling some water and when it gets hot you place a block of tofu on the bottom, immediately adding the baby loaches (because FUCK YOU loaches) which will try to escape being boiled alive by plunging straight into the still cold tofu.

The loaches actually still look like they're trying to escape.

And this is when Ashton Kutcher jumps out from behind and yells "we punk'd you!" because just then the baby loaches start to notice that something smells nice. Them. The tofu starts cooking and the little fish, who just a few seconds ago were certain they escaped a boiling death and rejoiced at the thought that there was still a chance they will see their parents again, are cooked alive inside it.

The final product resembles Swiss cheese to a degree. Only this time, the holes were not created via a fermentation process, but by baby loaches trying to escape a pot of boiling water, tears streaming down their little face as they fondly remember their little baby room with the ThunderCats bed-spread and the poster of TMNT on the wall.

There is still a lot of confusion over whether the dish is real or not. We have found the below picture of the dish being prepared, but cannot determine whether or not it is an actual photo.

Reprinted below, with our admittedly rudimentary understanding of the Japanese language.

A few years back, a Japanese TV show did a segment on Tofu Hell, finding a South Korean restaurant "Konsori" which had it on the menu. Since then, loaches enjoyed a brief fame in Japan, as thousands and thousands of them were bought by people who tried to re-enact the dish themselves. Unfortunately, as it turns out, it takes extremely precise timing to make Tofu Hell work (they failed to prepare it on-air), but hey, as the old proverb goes, "If at first you don't succeed, keep boiling baby fish alive."

#DisneyMagicMoments: Celebrate Hamburger Day with Favorite Disney Burgers from Around the World, Special Disneyland Hotel Recipe and More

It’s Hamburger Day and to celebrate this universal classic, we’ve cooked up a virtual smorgasbord of mouthwatering Disney burger favorites – past and present – from around the world.

Whether it’s a drippingly-delicious Bison Blue Cheese Burger at Disneyland Resort, a fun Mickey Mouse Glove Burger at Tokyo Disneyland or an amazing Avengers Wagyu Beef Burger at Shanghai Disneyland Resort, hamburgers come in many different forms at our parks. So, to mark the day, we’ve ordered up some Disney burger magic, including a popular recipe and top grilling items for everyone at home.

Our global celebration of hamburgers begins at Tokyo Disney Resort with the unique Mickey Mouse Glove Burger and Mickey-shaped Rice Ball sandwich. Also, Donald’s burger is a fan-favorite with a special yellow bun!

There’s a galaxy of stellar specialties for burger lovers at Shanghai Disney Resort, including the popular Avengers Wagyu Beef burger with a photo-worthy red bun.

Shanghai Disney Resort also features a classic American cheeseburger with sour cucumber and barbecue sauce in the middle of a bun stamped with Iron Man’s face!

At Disneyland Paris, the Dark Side Burger wowed guests as part of the offering during the Star Wars Season “Legends of the Force – A Star Wars Celebration.”

The PCH Mesa Burger – served on a hefty pretzel roll – is an attention-grabber at Disney’s PCH Grill at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel at the Disneyland Resort. And just as spectacular – the Hungry Bear’s Bison Bison Blue burger at Disneyland park and the delicious burger at Storytellers Cafe at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

Also, for Hamburger Day, we’re releasing the recipe for the popular Hawaiian Cheese Burger and green papaya slaw from Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel. Click here for a print-at-home version of this recipe!

At Hong Kong Disneyland, the amazing Beetroot and Cheese Burger is inspired by the Marvel-themed attraction, “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle!” Other popular offerings during the launch of the attraction include a Green Tea Cheese Burger with a green bun and a superhero-themed Spicy Chicken Burger.

There are many great burger options at the Walt Disney World Resort and today, we’re focused on the unique Cajun King Burger with Andouille sausage and Creole mustard aioli at the Port Orleans Resort. Also, the popular Southwest Burger from the ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a special treat – piled high with Pepper Jack cheese, bacon, guacamole and jalapeño poppers.

Also at the Walt Disney World Resort, the fantastic Mickey Burger at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café comes with macaroni and cheese, American cheese, cheese sauce, flaming hot cheese dust, and bacon served on a Mickey Mouse bun.

And If you need a burger fix ASAP, you can head over to D-Luxe Burger – now open at Disney Springs – for the Southern Burger, a masterpiece topped with a Fried Green Tomato, Pimento Cheese, Lettuce, Grilled Onion and Bacon.

As many of you know, we offer delectable plant-based options at our parks and resort hotels, and there are several favorites to share on Hamburger Day. At Shanghai Disneyland Resort, the Gamma Ray Plant Burger features a large vegetable-based “pork chop”, sweet and sour tomato sauce and fresh lettuce in between a green matcha-flavor bun.

Other offerings include the BBQ Jackfruit Burger, a plant-based sandwich on garlic toast topped with BBQ jackfruit, that’s part of the Regal Eagle Smokehouse’s celebration of backyard barbecue at EPCOT, and the popular Impossible™ Burger with Vegan Chipotle Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, and Cherry Peppers at Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park at the Walt Disney World Resort.

To celebrate the day in Disney Style, we’re also sharing a few favorite burger grilling items, including Mickey Mouse aprons and mitts. And don’t miss the special summertime Disney Parks serving bowl, Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper set and more at

We hope you enjoyed our Disney hamburger favorites from around the world! Be sure to check back for more of these types of stories on our special #DisneyMagicMoments page on the Disney Parks Blog.

If you are ready to get started, we bring you our 11 best gourmet recipes from top chefs across the country to get you started:

1. Tomato Consomme and Smoked Ricotta Tortelli

Indulge yourself in this lovely Italian meal with ravioli made from scratch and stuffed with ricotta cheese. Serve it with a freshly made tomato consomme and sauteed asparagus.

Smoked Ricotta Tortelli Photo Credit: Istock

2. Quail Legs with Tamarind Glaze and Fig Chutney

A gourmet plate featuring tangy glazed quail legs served with a freshly made fig chutney.

Quail legs Photo Credit: Istock

3. Sarson Ki Gilawat with Corn and Cheese Tostadas

This dish is a spinach kebab served with divine tostadas! Don't miss out on the masala popcorn.

Corn and Cheese Tostadas Photo Credit: Istock

4. Sesame and Coriander Crusted Basa

Marinated in a mix of spices and then grilled golden, this juicy fish fillet is perfect for a relishing meal.

5. Slow Poached Egg with Bacon Dust & Parmesan Foam

The dish has crispy bacon with eggs poached perfectly to your desire and creamy Parmesan foam.

Parmesan foam Photo Credit: Istock

6. Lamb Loin with Fennel Genoise

Tender lamb chops braised in wine and served with pea puree and freshly made fennel-flavoured crust.

7. Coffee Marinated Mutton Chops With Balsamic Reduction

Juicy mutton chops with a twist from Depot 29 in New Delhi. The meat is marinated in mix of coffee, honey and balsamic reduction.

Mutton chops Photo Credit: Istock

8. Lobster Thermidor

A classic French dish where the lobster shell is stuffed with a creamy mixture of meat, egg yolks and brandy. Top up with cheese and bake for an oven-browned cheese crust.

Lobster Image credit: Istock

9. Smoked Quail Drizzled with Pomegranate Reduction

This dish of smoked quail with sweet and sour reduction of Pomegranate, sets the stage. Macadamia nuts are like the cherry on the cake!

10. Tofu Mango Mousse Pudding

This delicate little treat is a perfect dessert. Tofu Mango Mousse, this divine little cloud of heaven will leave your guests and your family craving for more.

Tofu Mango Mousse Pudding. Image credit: Istock

11. Risotto Lobster with Parmesan Egg Pancake, Confit Tomatoes and Coral Tuille

A whole meal of a dish, this lobster risotto recipe is a delicious combination of egg, rice, veggies and cheese along with tomatoes. This is an elaborate dish that is sure to be a delight on any party's menu.

The perfect twist of a dish that you just wouldn't wish to miss.

With the festive season round the corner, you can host dinner parties at home and surprise your loved ones with spectacular gourmet recipes.

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I'm not one for thick, creamy dressings. That said, I found the very simple dressing on this salad to be a solid keeper. Exactly as it says: change the herbs, etc & it's outstanding. The 1st time I made it without the dill, onion, capers & cucumbers. I didn't have these on hand & we still loved it! 2nd time around, I included dill. & again, we loved it! Eventually I'll make it with all the suggested ingredients. 'Till then, I'm happy adjusting it to suit my needs. I adore the lightness of the dressing, with the fresh parsley. One note: I used Italian organic lemon juice: delightful!

5 Tips and Tricks for Cooking Mutton | Easy Tips To Cook Mutton

  • Most mutton curries require slow cooking on low heat (dum style) to retain its moisture, juices and tenderness. Meat should first be cooked over high heat to seal juices and then cooked till tender on low heat.
  • Another thing that you should keep in mind is when to add salt. Do not add salt to the meat before cooking it. Salt forces the juices out and prevents browning. You should add salt halfway through cooking.
  • Mutton of a younger animal is tender and tastes better. It is pinkish in colour with a firm yet soft texture. If it looks red and 'wrinkled', it will be tough.
  • Keep a pan of water close to the barbecue to keep the meat moist while being grilled.
  • While making kebabs, marinate the meat for longer. This will prevent the kebabs from becoming hard and chewy. Also, refrigerate the kebabs for a couple of minutes before frying. This helps in binding them and gives them a firm texture.

What Cocktail You Should Drink Based On Your Star Sign

There's nothing better than a well-made cocktail - whether you're into gin cocktails, rum cocktails or cocktails made with vodka - there's a delicious drink for everyone. But did you know that certain cocktails are best suited to certain star signs. It's written in the stars, don't you know?!

We got NIO's mixologist, Patrick Pistolesi, to tell us which cocktail recipes we should be rustling up based on our star signs.

But, do you think he got it right? Are you a Taurus who goes mad for a Manhattan or a Pisces who's partial to a Mint Julep?

Aries love to be number one so it&rsquos only fitting their cocktail pairing is an Old Fashioned - the most popular cocktail in the world. The boldness of bourbon, bitters and sugar is the perfect complement an Aries' competitive and outspoken personality, while the citrus pairs well with their impulsive, energetic side.

Being an earth sign, Taureans suit a spirit with a musky undertone like the whiskey-based Manhattan. This star sign enjoys the finer things in life and likes to savour every sip and every moment. Mixed with sweet vermouth and bitters, this classic drink is easy on the eyes and goes down smoothly. Not only a perfect pairing for a Taurus but enjoyed by many around the world.

With a twin-personality, a Gemini can never make up their mind so why should they have to decide when it comes to a cocktail? The classic Margarita has the salty rim of the glass, the sweetness of the agave, the bitterness of the tequila and the sourness of the lime. Something to please everyone.

Being a water sign, it makes sense that Cancers are best suited to a classic Mojito. Jam-packed with ice and originating from Cuba, an island country where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Cancers are highly intuitive and spiritual so would enjoy the fresh mint - a herb that has biblical references and healing properties. The white rum, sugar, lime and soda water also give this cocktail a refreshing edge.

Leo is a flashy sign, so they&rsquore always going to go for a more extravagant cocktail like an Espresso Martini. The espresso shot and coffee liqueur reflect this star sign&rsquos high energy, while the vodka-based martini screams confidence. After a few sips of this rich cocktail, there&rsquos no way a Leo won&rsquot be the life and soul of the party like they were born to be!

Virgo is an earth sign historically represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture. Simple, straightforward and no-nonsense, a Virgo&rsquos cocktail pairing is a classic gin and tonic. Premium gins are usually distilled from mixtures of wheat, rye and barley, and flavoured with juniper berries - an aromatic ingredient strengthening a Virgo's connection to the land.

Libra is an air sign represented by scales making them obsessed with symmetry. The stars have aligned to pair a Libra with a light and bubbly spritz - a perfectly balanced cocktail with equal parts Aperol, Prosecco, soda water and garnished with a slice of orange. An Aperol Spritz not only looks appealing but tastes great.

Known for their passion and power, a Bloody Mary&rsquos strong ingredients can truly capture the essence of this mysterious star sign. Mixed with vodka, lemon juice, tomato juice, salt and pepper - this drink is bold in its colouring while the tabasco gives it an extra kick, much like the fierce streak which lies within the Scorpio.

Represented by an archer, Sagittarians are always chasing adventure. This sign star would pair well with a Negroni, which originated from the historically significant city of Florence, Italy. Legend says that Count Camillo Negroni asked his bartender friend to strengthen his favourite cocktail - the Americano - by replacing the soda water with gin. A drink that was created by risk-taking, which is a key trait of this star sign.

Like Virgos, Capricorns are very straightforward. You always know what you&rsquore going to get with this star sign - they&rsquore transparent and straight to the point, just like a Martini mixed with vodka and dry vermouth. They are also hard workers so they&rsquoll enjoy something a little stronger to help them unwind. The only question left is dry or dirty?

Aquarius is the last air sign of the Zodiac and people born under this star sign tend to be a little eccentric and free-spirited. Accordingly, they pair well with a Caipirinha: a light, zesty yet punchy cocktail. Made with cachaça, which is similar to rum but instead of being distilled from molasses - a byproduct of sugarcane processing - it&rsquos distilled from the fermented juice of sugar cane. Mixed with sugar and lime, it has a distinct sweet and sour element like Aquarians who can be sweet but also have a stubborn steak.

Being the last constellation of the Zodiac, Pisces are very wise having learned all the lessons from the other star signs. Many people may not know this, but the Mint Julep - which is made up of muddle mint leaves, sugar, ice, seltzer and bourbon - was originally prescribed as a cure for particularly nasty stomach aches. It later became popular due to its refreshing taste. Despite its somewhat questionable healing properties, a Mint Julep is a Pisces&rsquo cocktail match made in the stars.


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