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Ah-Shots or Ack-Etz? A Guide to Food Names

Ah-Shots or Ack-Etz? A Guide to Food Names

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Some food greats have tough names to say. This aims to help.

With fame comes recognition, and in the case of the following food people, constant mispronunciation of their names. Many of the food industry's most popular stars have names that leave tongues twisted, so we reached out to some of them to get the correct pronunciations directly from the sources.

• Grant Achatz: Chef-owner, Alinea in Chicago.
Pronunciation: Ack-Etz (rhymes with jackets)

• Ferran Adrià: Chef-owner, El Bulli in Roses, Spain.
Pronunciation: Feh-Rahn Ah-Dree-Ah

• Cathal Armstrong: Chef and owner of Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, Va.
Pronunciation: Ca-Hal

• Lidia Bastianich: Chef and owner of several Italian restaurants, including Felidia and Del Posto in New York City.
Pronunciation: Bah-Sti-Ahn-Itch

• Daniel Boulud: Chef and owner of many French restaurants, including Daniel in New York City.
Pronunciation: Dan-Yell Bool-YEW

• Michael Chiarello: Chef-owner of Bottega in Yountville, Calif.
Pronunciation: Key-A-Rell-Oh

• Tom Colicchio: Chef and owner of several restaurants including Colicchio & Sons in New York City.
Pronunciation: Ko-Lick-Ee-Oh (similar to radicchio)

• Guy Fieri: Food Network star, and chef and owner of Tex Wasabi's and Johnny Garlic's in Northern California.
Pronunciation: Fee-Eddi

• Giada De Laurentiis: Food Network star.
Pronunciation: Jee-Ah-Da Dee-Lor-En-Tees

• Ludo Lefebvre: Chef-owner of LudoBites in Los Angeles.
Pronunciation: Le-Fev

• Ruth Reichl: Food writer and author, formerly editor-in-chief of Gourmet, and restaurant critic for The New York Times.
Pronunciation: Rye-Shul

• Michel Richard: Chef and owner of several French restaurants, including Citronelle and Central in Washington, D.C.
Pronunciation: Mee-Shell Ree-shar

• Jean-Georges Vongerichten: Chef and owner of several restaurants, including Jean Georges in New York City.
Pronunciation: Vong–Risch–Tin

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